Interview with Casi McLean

By Sharon Buchbinder 

Hi, Casi, thank you for taking the time to chat with me today about your writing and your books. I have a few questions to ask you and I’d like to start with my favorite one.

When did you realize or decide you wanted to be a writer?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the idea of supernatural. Not gruesome horror stories, vampires, or sci-fi aliens, but a more tangible premise on the edge of reality. The idea of “what if” entices the imagination into believing there’s more than what meets the eye.

My fourth-grade teacher nudged the author within me when she read aloud Madeleine L’Engles, A Wrinkle In Time. The enchanting story opened a door to my future. As a youth and teen, I read every time travel story I could get my hands on and watched time slip movies, stirring possibilities through my mind. If time travel was “a thing” how would the concept likely occur?

Can you pinpoint the moment when you came up with the idea for your first novel?

When I heard the eerie stories attached to Atlanta’s Lake Sidney Lanier, a man-made lake located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, the lore fascinated me. Plagued with mysterious disappearances, freak accidents, strange phenomenon, and ghostly occurrences, the lake blossomed into the perfect setting for my first novel.

What if the construction created more than a lake? What if the excavation triggered a seismic shift, which given enough energy, opens a portal connecting past to future? I loved the possibilities. I envisioned a town that time forgot, and the history and creepy tales attached to the rural area that sleeps beneath Atlanta’s famous lake became book one of my Lake Lanier Mysteries.

Based on your stories, I suspect you may have had a few encounters with things that are not explained by science. Is that correct? Can you share an experience with us?

Other than a vivid imagination, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a paranormal or supernatural event. However, I believe in the forces of good and evil, and all my writing hides a sprinkle of inspiration between the pages, and happy endings prevail. I doubt I’ll ever write dark stories. I believe the world has enough darkness lingering in the shadows. I want my stories to stir my readers and leave them with a spark of light long after my story ends.


If your books were made into a TV series, which series would you pick (yes, you must choose between your children!) and who would you want to play your handsome leading men and women?

 Beneath The Lake, which recently won the PRG 2019 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Novel in the time travel category, is under contract for a Netflix type series, so, I’ve thought a lot about this question. Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence came to mind for Lacy Montgomery, my heroine and Theo James or Liam Hemsworth has the look I envision for Bobby Reynolds.

Finally, I swear this is my last question—tell us about your RONE Nominee, Reign of Fire, and where we can find it.

Inspiration from real world events sparks most of my work–– my Deep State Mysteries is a classic example––and my writing often crosses genres and twists into a hybrid of its own. Reign of Fire, book one in the series, incapsulates both. A hot topic in the news with political and military intrigue, this story is rooted in mystery and suspense with a thriller crime plot. A woman on Capitol Hill is murdered, and her psychic investigative journalist twin takes her place to bring down the villains and their plot to take over the White House.

Enter the supernatural twists. The psychic senses her sister, but never expects to see her as a ghost. Especially a ghost who sparks romance between her twin and the detective leading the case.

An unexpected romance, murder, woman sleuth, and a secret NCIS team trying to expose a treacherous Deep State…Here is the description:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Casi McLean, presents a gripping military/political thriller with supernatural elements in Reign Of Fire.

To expose a faction threatening America’s democracy, Emily Rose joins forces with a team investigating her sister’s murder, but she never expects to fall in love––or to encounter her twin’s ghost.

Ashton Frasier accepts his detective career choice means a life of bachelorhood––until Emily Rose blows into his world. The spitting image of his latest victim holds a mysterious allure he can’t deny.

Surrounded by danger with the country’s democracy at stake, Emily and Ash must expose a dangerous faction threatening to take the White House before the insidious villains discover their scheme––all while evading a mystical attraction instigated by cunning ghost with good intentions. Can a ghost spark love in the midst of chaos?

Lies, corruption, and murder…When love sparks danger––even Ash burns.


April 13––19:

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***Book Two, The List: Alyssa’s Revenge is also available in print and eBook versions here:

Thanks so much, Sharon, for interviewing me. I love PRG and I hope all your readers will take a look at my books and connect with me on the links below.

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