One of the many author member services we provide is the ability for the paid author to set up their own blog tours free of charge.

With over 14 different Blog Tour Partners – The Paranormal Romance Guild covers the spectrum of genres – and we’re adding more partners all the time !!

So, Paid Author Members, with some basic rules on how to set this up (which you can read by following the jump here ) you can bypass the added expense of self promotion.

This feature is located in our directory on our webpage here.

Also, for any bloggers out there interested in becoming a host blog partner with the PRG (which comes with a general membership worth 25 dollars) you can sign up here.

This is just one of many things we here at The Paranormal Romance Guild offer our Paid Author Members.

Watch this space in the coming months to find out more exciting things we’re bringing to the Paranormal Romance Guild!