Bait N' Witch Book Cover Bait N' Witch
Legendary Consultants Book 3
Abigail Owen
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
January 20, 2017

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Well I was not sure what I was getting with this book and since it was book #3 in a series I was not really expecting much but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

First thing is that there is little need to read the previous books unless you really want to since almost everything you need to know that affects this story is provided, there are some characters that show up that you can find out more about in the previous books but nothing that detracts from enjoying this story.

Seems that Rowen is a powerful witch but due to some magical weakness she was used by an ancient werewolf to do some bad things and she is on what amounts to the Mage Council’s “Most Wanted List” and guess who happens to be there very best Enforcer?  The hero and romantic interest in this story Greyson Masters who she is sent to work for (hiding in plain sight scenario) as a nanny since he has no idea what the witch he is supposed to be hunting looks like and the story evolves from there, throw in 3 kids for her to love and you have the makings for a really good story.

Obviously, with her on the list of hunted criminals this is not going to be easy but it is fun and gets a bit stressful in places so sit back and enjoy.

4 Stars because of a couple of minor things (like not giving us a scene with an insulting shrew) but highly recommended for a good time.

**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**