Beckoned by the Mist Book Cover Beckoned by the Mist
Zoey Kinsman
Paranormal Romance
Torrid Books
December 9, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Eve Campbell and her husband, Dan, are both professors who loved leaving the city behind each weekend and travelling up to their cottage upstate. The cottage was totally repaired by both of them and it was a labor of love. One weekend before Christmas, Dan died from a sudden heart attack and for the next three years Eve was lost.

She still went up to the cottage each weekend. Her life was about to change when a sudden snow storm blocked her exit out. A neighbor, Maxwell MacGregor, came to her rescue and that was the start of a new life for her. Max and Eve fall in love and it was a love that began centuries ago. Max made a deal with God to help rid the world of evil and he was granted the ability to reunite with Eve two more times in his lifetime. Max was immortal and he has joined Eve to complete his last mission. Eve begins to have memories of their time together. Although she loved Dan, she realizes Max is the one true love of her life. Unfortunately, their time together is for one year, after which Max will die and his duty to God will be complete.

Eve can’t get it through her head and heart that after a year she will lose the man she loves totally and completely. As much as Max tries to make her see that they have no choice and should value every second of their time together, she sometimes fails miserably. Eve has a mission and it involves a student who is much more than human. There is an evil that could destroy the world and it is Max’ greatest task.

The love between Eve and Max is beautiful and her determination to keep Max from leaving and his determination to make her understand and go on with her life when he is gone is at times heartbreaking. You can feel the emotions both of them are feeling, and I just kept hoping that this would be a HEA.

Although there is a mission and evil to destroy the book is almost all about the love between Max and Eve, a love that survived for centuries. There is sex, not much suspense and a few very big surprises.

This was a wonderful book for anyone who loves a good love story with wonderful characters and a little evil thrown in.