Blood Harvest moon Book Cover Blood Harvest moon
Kelly Abell
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Krisi Keley

Taking a shortcut home from a frat party, Derek Panthera swerves to avoid hitting a figure who suddenly appears in the middle of the dark road on which he’s traveling. This abrupt change of direction not only results in a car accident, but forever alters the path of his life, as well.
Unable to continue his homeward journey due to the accident, Derek seeks help at a secluded farmhouse. There he meets a beautiful Irish woman named Shaelyn, who incites feelings in him he’s never experienced before. Is it love at first sight, pure animal attraction or a combination of these and something much more?
Author Kelly Abell’s exciting, fast-paced novella, Blood Harvest Moon, is a fascinating tale of witches, demons, blood sacrifice, ancient curses and prophecies that captures the reader from the very first pages and never lets go. The budding romance between Derek and Shaelyn, as she helps him to discover his true nature, is literally spellbinding, and Shaelyn’s relationship with her cursed coven and, especially, her sister Layla is well-developed.

An engrossing paranormal romance about destiny, the consequences of the quest for power and the self-sacrifice necessary for true love, Blood Harvest Moon is a delightful addition to the genre. If there was any downside to the story for me, it was that its length didn’t allow for a more in-depth look at the origins of Shaelyn’s coven or the history of shifters which it was hinted Shaelyn knew about. This did not in any way take from the tale, however, and one can always hope the author will revisit these wonderful characters and share more of their interesting story in the future. Recommended!