Blown Away Book Cover Blown Away
Immortals #6
L.J. Vickery
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
December 21, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Candy Lane is a DEA Agent who has found herself the possible Chosen of Wind God, Enlil. Unfortunately, they both hate each other. Enlil is visible when she is near him, so he is convinced she is his Chosen. However, his amulet has not lit up yet, so there is a possibility it could be one of the other Gods. All he wants is to mate with her, have sex and then they can both go their separate ways, but he first has to get her to stop hating him.

Candy finds Enlil to be an arrogant bull-headed God. Considering his alter ego is a bull, she is not that far off. In spite of the fact that she finds herself in heat every time he is near her, she can’t get over the fact that he is the total opposite of what she would want for a mate. For hundreds of years, the Gods have been invisible. They are corporeal only in the presence of their Chosen or a long lost relative.

When Candy’s boss, Jake, and his team come upon the compound they are shocked to discover who all these men are, but it doesn’t take long before it is a reality. Jake and Marduk, the Head of the Blue Hills compound, agree to work together. One man stays with the Gods and one of the Gods goes back with the agents. Enlil is the one who is chosen to go and he has to stay with Candy or he becomes invisible. Candy and Enlil do find ways to please each other. To him it is sex but to her it isn’t. She doesn’t like him, but can’t resist being touched by him.

What no one knows is that Sallust Demetria, a drug lord Candy brought down, is out on bail. He has only one thing on his mind, getting revenge against the girl that he trusted and who he couldn’t get into his bed. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and having Candy as his sex slave is top of his list.

There were so many comical moments in the book especially when Enlil is enroute to Boston by plane and discovers he is airsick. He has no idea how to even vomit and some of his remarks while doing so were really amusing. Candy is a tough cookie and her mouth has no shut off valve.

There are surprises and secrets, explicit sex, attempted rape and violence. Although the series can be read alone, I would strongly suggest that you start with book one. I am sure you will love it and then have all the other books up to now to look forward to without any wait.