Captured in Lies Book Cover Captured in Lies
In Lies
Kelly Abell
Action thriller
Solstice Publishing

Reviewed by: Stormy Janes

Captured In Lies is book two of the “In Lies” series. We pick up with Jack and Caroline Weaver as they are returning to DC from their honeymoon in the Caribbean. As they return to their home, they find their honeymoon is truly over. Jack’s cell phone rings just as Caroline approaches the house, it’s The Emperor, Mohammed Rabin. As Jack tries to prevent Caroline from reaching the house, he is not quick enough and Caroline is caught in an explosion.

While Jack is waiting in the hospital for news about his new bride, he receives another call from The Emperor. This time he has hostage FBI Agent Lucy Chavez, Jack’s sister, strapped to a bomb. Jack knows this madman is out for revenge and he is now caught between protecting the most precious things in his life, Caroline his new wife, and his sister Lucy.

As Jack hears of Caroline’s coma, he meets Dane “Boomer” Kendrick. Officer Kendrick is beginning his investigation of the explosion. He recognizes Jack as a former military comrade. Jack must now play The Emperor’s deadly game of scavenger hunt to find his sister, knowing Jack cannot possibly be in two places at once.

Jack knows The Emperor has informants everywhere. Dane is the only one Jack can trust and enlists his help in finding his sister Lucy. The situation intensifies as Jack learns there is a second bomb in Boston, powerful enough to take out half the city and Caroline awakes without her sight. Jack goes to the President of the United States and asks for assistance in protecting Caroline so that he and Dane may track down the bomb in Boston and rescue his sister Lucy.

Feeling that Caroline is safe, Dane takes off after Lucy and Jack flies to Boston, both following clues left for them by The Emperor. When Dane first sees Lucy, her face is bruised and swollen and he has never seen a woman so strong and so beautiful; instant attraction. Their first meeting is with three minutes to detonation of the C4 bomb strapped to Lucy’s chest. Meanwhile Jack desperately tries to find the bomb in Boston. To make matters worse there is an attempt on Caroline’s life.

Will Dane rescue Lucy in time? Dismantle the bomb? Will Jack in Boston save the innocent lives of half the city? Will Caroline regain her sight and survive the attacks against her life? Will Jack finally catch The Emperor and put his terrorism to an end?

Kelly Abell’s story is action packed. As a reader who has not read the first book, Sealed In Lies, the author has done an excellent job of incorporating the major facts of book one into book two, leaving no missing pieces to the story line. Her story of Jack and Caroline is full of action and suspense, love and passion, incredible detective work and modern day terrorism. Captured In Lies is an excellent read with page turning excitement.