Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
February 14, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Although this series is called Exiled, it still has a connection with the Black Swan Brotherhood. The main character is none other than Elora Rose Storm, daughter of Storm and Litha. If you read the Black Swan series, then you know Storm is one of the warriors and his daughter, Rosie, is part demon, part human, and part witch, with powers even her parents are not fully aware of.

After Rosie’s attempt to get Glen to give up the Brotherhood in favor of her and he refused, she decided that she needed to get away from everything. Although Rosie looks to be in her twenties, she is chronologically only fourteen months old. Kellareal the Angel decided he had the answer sending her to the camp of the Exiled. The exiled were the result of a hybrid experiment. When they proved to be stronger than the humans who created them, they were targeted for extinction. Kellareal interfered and spirited them away to a dimension where they would finally know freedom. The only stipulation was they would have to protect the humans from another group of hybrids, the Rautt. The Rautt destroyed every bit of technology from the humans who created them, and it was up to the Exiled to defend the humans against Rautt attacks.

Rosie is sent to live with the head of the Exiled, Free (a name taken to indicate his freedom), his wife, and two sons. No one is aware there is anything more to Rosie than her being human. For the first time in her life, she finds herself working and contributing. She realizes that even though the Exiled put their lives on the line over and over again protecting the humans, they are still feared and hated. They are feared for the very thing that they were made for, strength. Why create something that you will eventually fear?

In time, Rosie finds herself attracted to the older son, Carnal, and she begins to see the injustice that Kellareal forced the Exiled into. For twenty-five years they have put their lives on the line and there is no end in sight. Rosie believes this is unfair and begins to express her opinions to Free in how changes can be made. She doesn’t trust the humans and insists they be investigated. The investigation proves what the humans are actually up to and it is not favorable for the Exiled.

Under strict orders not to use any of her powers, Rosie, who still has the emotions of a child, can’t seem to keep her promise to behave. I loved this book, actually I love anything that has to do with the Black Swans. If you haven’t read the Black Swan series, you are missing out on amazing stories filled with hunky Heros and beautiful heroines. I look forward to any book that Ms. Danann writes she is one of my favorites. Ms. Danann knows there is time between books and she manages to refresh the reader so they never feel lost, something so many authors fail to do.