Children of Wisdom Book Cover Children of Wisdom
Wisdom Chronicles – Book 3
Walter C. Conner
Epic Fantasy (some romance)
Double Dragon Publishing
June 14, 2012

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Well I loved book 1 “Wizard of Wisdom”,  I enjoyed book 2 “Princess of Wisdom” but felt it was padded with a lot of verbiage. Now we have book 3 “Children of Wisdom,” which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt the pacing and story moved much better than the last book.

This story takes place about 20+ years after our last book. All the former children are now adults. As with the other books, the stories intertwine and intersect at times to move the story along, but unlike the previous book I did not scan. The story was interesting until about 50% and then it seemed to stutter a bit. I was about to start scanning when it picked back up all the way to the amazing finish.

There is action and romance, mystery and pretty much everything you would like in an epic fantasy novel but Wil’s “I can’t kill or destroy” mantra wears a bit thin at times for this reviewer.

If I tried to detail the story of Alexander, her son with Roland, and the two life-spark sisters, Aimee and Desirée this review would be novella length, throw in “Little Wil” and you have a fun filled 300 page novel that did not disappoint.

The beginning starts without being boring (the bane of many fantasy novels of this type) and the ending were superb with nothing that looks like a cliff-hanger.

The romantic triad is handled well but still makes you a bit confused but it is almost two separate stories.

Bottom Line:  I loved the story, it kept me interested almost the whole way and the ending was amazing and somewhat bittersweet in some respects that you knew were coming. The mixture of almost G rated story mixed with adult themes in places still leaves me a bit undecided about how I liked those parts even though some were necessary for the story. The lack of details was pretty much exactly right since this is epic fantasy and not erotica. Call it 4.5 Stars for an enjoyable reading experience and highly recommended.