Cry of the Cougar Book Cover Cry of the Cougar
Guardian's of Spirit Rock
Kelly Abell
Paranormal Romance
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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

If you have read book one in this series then you know that the Gray brothers, Deacon, Logan, Cameron and Connor are skinwalkers and are the Guardians of Spirit Rock. If you haven’t read it then don’t hesitate to do so. In book one we get Daphne and Cameron’s story now it is Connor and Jeannie’s.

While out patrolling Connor spots four men with fracking equipment on Jeannie’s land and he knows all too well what that means. Fracking on her land would cause damage not only to Spirit Rock but the Sacred Spring that the brother’s are charged with protecting. Connor’s anger over what Jeannie has done causes him to go off on her and he doesn’t give her a chance to explain. Jeannie has a secret, a secret that caused her to need money, a secret that would affect all the brothers especially Connor. Jeannie loves Connor and he loves her, although he never thought he had to say it, so will this secret be the end of any relationship with each other.

If Connor had let her explain he would have learned that she only gave the rights to test and had no intention of ever allowing them to doing any fracking on her land. What she did not take into account was that if they did discover oil or natural gas would they just easily walk away.

I love this series and each of the brothers. Jeannie’s secret is revealed to everyone but I won’t reveal it in this review. Needless to say, there were some tense moments and some very emotional ones as well.