Have you ever had a hobby? Did it ever turn into a passion? Did it ever become a business? That’s exactly what happened when a couple of authors got together to pool their resources and this is exactly how Dragon Realm Press was born. Formed from the ground up by New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors, Dragon Realm Press understands what it takes to bring your manuscript from idea to a successfully published product.

The Indie author community can be a very tight nit place. We’re all in it together, we’re all struggling to make our mark and we’ve all tripped over the various hurdles that the publishing industry throws at us. Some people stay knocked down and others, like us, learn from the experience and pick ourselves up again. We’ve been there. We know the ropes. We’ve found out where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. We know where the sharks are! Most importantly, we have the talent and experience and we love helping other authors. The founders of Dragon Realm Press have almost a hundred years of experience between us and we offer services in eight broad categories:

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Editing
  • Graphics
  • Websites
  • Book formatting
  • Newsletters and Email marketing
  • Book covers
  • Social Media

Dragon Realm Press are experts in all these disciplines and more. On our staff, we have New York Times & USA Today best sellers and industry veterans.

As every author will already know, having a great idea for a book isn’t enough. Having that idea turn into a manuscript isn’t enough. Having that manuscript published still isn’t enough. Even if it’s the best book in the world, nobody will read it if they don’t know about it, right? A successful marketing campaign is a must nowadays and so is having a comprehensive author platform, complete with social media presence, website, active subscriber lists, a nicely formatted book (both for print and eBook distribution) etc. Dragon Realm Press can help at every step of this process. We’ve already done this for countless other authors already and we can do it for you, too.

How does Dragon Realm Press operate? We have a very simple business model. You tell us what you need and we work with you on a solution. Chances are, whatever your needs are, it falls into one of the eight categories that we support. Even if it doesn’t, we’ll work with you to get you to where you need to be. Everything is agreed up front so there are no surprises. We will only proceed with an engagement after we’ve explained everything and only once you’re entirely satisfied. Then we’ll tell you how long everything will take. Once we’re underway, we’ll remain in close contact with you all the way and we won’t stop until every last detail is correct. We take great pride in the fact every last customer we’ve ever had has been completely satisfied.

A chance but fortuitous encounter brought me recently into contact with the amazing folks from the Paranormal Romance Guild, who just happened to be exploring options for a new website. Suffering from the constraints of an older system that had been ailing for some time, we talked about some of the limitations they had and how we might go about breaking the shackles of a legacy platform that was no longer serving them or their hundreds of members as well as they were happy with. As someone that’s an active community volunteer myself, I could feel the frustrations they were having to live with and was able to communicate with them on that level. We spent some time going over their various options and I presented them with a detailed brief of exactly what Dragon Realm Press were going to be able to do for them. Knowing full well just how much a major change was going to mean for their organization, I was impressed by their courage and determination to do what had to be done.

With just a hint of nervous trepidation, together we stepped onto the conveyor belt and we held on tightly. Much was riding on what was an ambitious objective. It was a brave decision but once the point of no return was reached, we all worked extremely closely and collaboratively together towards the final goal of a shiny, new website. With one final leap at the end of the conveyor, the Paranormal Romance Guild stepped into a new world. It was strange and unfamiliar at first but also full of joys and pleasant surprises and no longer constrained by all those problems that had been holding them back. Feedback on the new website has been uniformly positive and the organization can now continue their growth and expansion well into the future. This engagement has been one of my most favorites to date with Dragon Realm Press. I now feel part of the Paranormal Romance Guild family and will cherish my time spent with such a dedicated group of truly amazing individuals.

So, come and have a no-obligation chat with us and let us know how the Dragon Realm Press experts can help take you and your author goals to new heights.

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