Drop Dead Gorgeous Book Cover Drop Dead Gorgeous
Donald Allen Kirch
Double Dragon Publishing
February 5, 2016

Reviewed by Toni

Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild

3rd Place – 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Horror YA and Adult Novel

Donald Allen Kirch has done it again!

I picked up this novel intending to read only a bit before bedtime; the next thing I knew, it was 1:00 AM and I was blinking to stay awake to finish it.

This story starts off running and then settles into a blind gallop, getting more sinister with each step.

Ray Hoie awakens to discover himself in a basement, duct-taped to a chair. A beautiful woman appears and proceeds to tell him a story, a horror story…of a neglected husband, his scientist wife, and what happens when that husband strays.

For Steve Kane’s crime against wife Annabelle, he pays the ultimate price. Annabelle has discovered a formula using nanobots to change the shape, consistency, even the DNA of flesh. Steve is drugged, bound, and transformed—externally and internally—into a biologically-perfect woman. Annabelle doesn’t stop there, however. She intends to make her husband experience the pain every woman deceived by a man can suffer…and she succeeds. Then she frees Steve, now renamed Eve Doe …with a set of deadly pre-programmed subliminal suggestions firmly in place.

David Wells is a police officer with the Addison, Kansas PD. When someone reports Raymond Hoie missing, he can’t discover who. It wasn’t any of his friends, his former girlfriend couldn’t care less, so who wants Ray found, and why? Wells’ determination to locate a two-bit no-good gets him into trouble with his superiors, but he sticks to the case, and what he discovers will stay in his memory for a very long, very disturbing time.

Told from Steve’s point of view with rapidly mounting horror and more than a bit of grim midnight-black humor, Drop Dead Gorgeous is the kind of story which might make a good many men hesitate the next time they attempt to pick up that pretty girl sitting on a nearby barstool. Its well-written descriptive narration will definitely cause a few flinches from male readers. It’s shocking and startling…and for all we know, it might some day actually happen.

This story is designed to keep the reader turning those pages, not wanting to put the book down until that final devastating one is reached. A Caveat may be necessary for some, however: The book contains frank language and quite a few explicit sex scenes.

Where do you get these ideas, Don?