Christmas Present Book Cover Christmas Present
Kim Fielding
Holiday M/M Romance
November 12, 2019

Dual Review!

Christmas Present By Kim Fielding

REVIEWERS: SHE SAID – Linda Tonis / SHE SAID – Marie Loring

It only seems right to have the two judges who voted the points for this story to have been our First Place Winner in the PRG 2019 Fall & Winter Holidays WIP Contest read and review the completed story.

A modern gay-romance twist on Dickens.

Lewis loves his holiday job. As the Ghost of Christmas Present, he guides people to improve their lives. Sure, he’s a little lonely at home in Minnesota, but Fezziwig the cat keeps him company.

When Lewis is spirited to California one Christmas Eve, he meets Sammy, an ex-lawyer who seems to already have his life in order. Lewis and Sammy share Korean fried chicken and a brief fling, but distance and career obligations appear destined to thwart anything permanent.

Maybe this year, Lewis is due for a special gift of his own.

SHE SAID – Linda Tonis:

Every Christmas for the last twelve years Lewis Frisk as been the Ghost of Christmas Present being zapped from place to place showing people the errors of their ways and showing them the joy of generosity to others. It was twelve years ago that he answered an ad on Craigslist for a tall, heavy man and at 6′ 9″ and 400 lbs. he fit the bill Lewis was hired and the rest is history.

Christmas Eve he found himself in front of a mall with no idea who he was supposed to help. He decided to enter a Korean restaurant where he was greeted by Sammy Park a handsome man filled with holiday cheer and insisting that he feed Lewis. When the restaurant closed Sammy invited Lewis back to his home where the two men realized they were very attracted to each other, Sammy left a corporate law practice and now does pro bono work for a few LGBTQ organizations works part-time at his uncle’s restaurant and lives alone. Lewis has no one except his cat Fezziwig but this Christmas both men may finally have the greatest Christmas gifts ever, love.

Unfortunately at 12:01 Lewis found himself zapped back to his home in Minneapolis far away from Sammy who lives in California. Sammy and Lewis both felt they had met their soul-mate but was it meant to be, read this short story and find out. This is a perfect holiday story a take on a story we all grew up with by Charles Dickens.

SHE SAID – Marie Loring:

Lewis captured my heart right from the start. A slightly bumbling, highly loveable man, he’s caught up in a very strange job. With very little else in his life, he devotes his seasonal time to helping others, but his occupation hits an unexpected glitch. He’d sent to California, to confront a not so usual client. What’s a Ghost of Christmas Present supposed to do?

With very little to guide his way, Lewis plays it by ear. Much to our joy, his good nature and charming shyness make a huge impression on his client, Sammy, a man who’s already found his soul and his calling. What Sammy hasn’t found until now, is the right person with whom to share his life, and he’s more than willing to take a leap of faith.

Will circumstances—of a highly unusual variety—keep these two apart, or will the pair find a way to make their Christmas merrier? I think you know the answer, but watching them find their happiness is enormously delightful!

This is the first book of Ms. Fielding’s I’ve read, but five stars and kudos galore! Her style is engaging and fun, and I’ve already downloaded a previous Christmas story from her talented pen. I can’t wait to dig in!