Other Half Book Cover Other Half
PsyCop Book 12
Jordan Castillo Price
LGBT Action Adventure Paranormal Romance-Ghosts-Mystery
January 26, 2021

Victor Bayne never saw himself as husband material, but after an undercover stint as half of a married couple, he’s willing to give it a shot. Jacob Marks was eager to settle down from the get-go, so once Vic popped the question, the wedding should’ve been smooth sailing.

But new evidence has come to light that casts a pall over the whole affair: decades of psychic experimentation and intrigue. Vic would hardly be shocked to discover he’s been an unwitting test subject, but it’s not his name on the roster.

It’s Jacob’s.

Planning a wedding on short notice is challenging enough without a covert investigation. Vic can deal with premarital counseling, floral emergencies, and the world’s most annoying baker—but can he handle what he finds out about his other half?

PsyCop is an ongoing series filled with supernatural action and delightfully awkward humor--with a steady undercurrent of gay romance. It's best read in order, so if you're new to the series, start with PsyCop #1, Among the Living...and prepare for a hauntingly good read.


She Said – She Said

She Said-

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Psy Cop is one of my all time favorite series!!!! Book 12 seemed to me that Ms Price has given her readers a wedding and a pause.


Yes, a wedding ! Our boys are getting married !!!! The setting will be Wisconsin where Jacob Marks was raised.  The family church is the place for the I do’s. Pastor Jill will officiate, and they are heading up earlier from their home to do the pre wedding counseling with her in person instead of Zoom.


The hiccups  our author puts in the way as weddings never go smoothly are a wonderful way of showing us how these two are growing in their relationship as they deal with the wedding and the mystery of Dr Kamal’s book with Jacobs name in it. 


Jacob for all his bravado and poise is now having second thoughts about himself, his family and his upbringing. Were his parents involved? Was he really a choice or was his birth intentional breeding? We watch through the eyes of Vic how they are both learning to lean on each other. Vic makes decisions!!!!


I said the author does a pause for the reader. I think we all needed this, the humanization of Vic a bit and the way he realizes his worth to Jacob. Then there is big strong unbending Jacob ruminating his worth needing Vic..


So join the boys in their week!!!   I loved this!!!!   5 stars

She Said-

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Going to the Chapel….and they’re, Gonna get married!  Yep.  Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks are tying the knot.  And if you thought chasing ghosts and dodging spectral bad guys was an adventure, you have never seen Victor picking out napkin colors.  My favorite parts of this story were the moments when Jacob and Vic had to face the minutiae that is planning a wedding- even a small ceremony like theirs.


This is very much an addition to the series and should be read as such.  That being said, the tone of this book was different.  There was a gentleness and a sweetness to the romance that was more obvious than in previous books. 


 Fans of the ghost adventures will not be disappointed, but that aspect takes a backseat a bit to the romance and I love it.  The major tension is the unknown involvement of the Marks family.  This series is so good.  And this is a great addition, letting us see our dynamic duo in a different way, while also getting more personal.  I will be waiting impatiently to see where Price takes the story next!