DUAL REVIEW: Shiftless: Night Shift: Book Three – T.A. Moore

Shiftless: Night Shift: Book Three Book Cover Shiftless: Night Shift: Book Three
Shiftless: Night Shift: Book Three
T.A. Moore
LGBTQ Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rogue Firebird Press
June 19, 2021

Night Shift is the city's thin, silver line- and some nights it's thinner than others. It isn't the fact he almost died last night that's thrown Night Shift officer Kit Marlow. He's used to that. It's the fact that instead of a werewolf trying to rip his throat out, it was his friend and colleague who tried to put him in the ground.Well, 'friend.'Now Marlow's been framed for a murder he didn't commit by a man who's committed more than his fair share. Half the cops in San Diego want to see Marlow behind bars for what he's supposedly done, and the other half want him dead before he can tell his side of the story. The problem is that he can't tell them apart.There's only one person in town that Marlow can trust, even though he knows he shouldn't drag Cade Deacon into his problems. The sharp-tongued CEO of a private security firm might have gotten close to Marlow over the last few weeks, but taking on the SDPD is a lot to ask. Marlow doesn't have much choice, though. If he can't clear his name before the last full moon of the month sets, he might not see another one. That'd be a shame since Marlow would really like to spend the night with Cade without needing protective gear.


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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

TA Moore has done it! She has crafted an amazing conclusion to a trilogy of stories that are dark and edgy and somehow still romantic and fun. This final installment in the adventures of Kit Marlow and Cade Deacon is the ending we didn’t even know we needed. In this gritty, unique take on shifters, the main character, Kit, has been beaten, bruised, shot, and betrayed – basically turned on by everyone he has ever trusted. In this tale, he has to put his faith in his past nemesis and current obsession- Cade Deacon. And Cade has to face that Kit might just be something that isn’t going away after the full moon.


Moore takes these two very rough-edged characters, rubs them together (literally in some cases) and creates the hottest and most intriguing sequence of events. I love the way Moore takes such morally ambiguous characters and forces them to face the squirmy annoying emotional stuff in the middle of a battle for their lives. This is not a light or fluffy read, but I read it one sitting because I had to know how this series ended.

I highly recommend this book to fans of urban fantasy and good writing!


Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Wow, the Night Shift Series has ended and TA Moore has enchanted me yet again. This dark and edgy story has left me feeling sated yet bereft. When I began the first book, I mentioned she had me at hello; now as I turned the last page I had hoped we could see them again, in another series working as partners now that they were “a thing” ! How about it Ms. Moore?…..There are still bad guys out there!!!


Seriously, Ms. Moore has taken an edgy story line of werewolves in modern times and the threat they pose on the full moon. As always her characters are not the cute easy going guys you love to love. Cade Deacon and Kit Marlowe work through a bloody storyline of police corruption at its worst. Kit has worked for 6 years being betrayed by everyone he’s ever trusted and keeps coming back for more. When he and Cade start working together sexual tension simmers as Cade begins to think this man might be someone; more than a roll in the hay.


Ms. Moore has a way with her words and ideas that always seem to deal with characters that are wounded /broken, who the reader can understand, wanting them to see the worth in themselves that they don’t see. This gift of hers is pretty amazing.


This last book is as bloody and gory as you can get, and yet soft and gentle at the same time. There is nothing greater for me to have ‘the end’ be sad to let them go, yet fulfilled to have read it. Ms. Moore, this is your legacy for me.

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