The Solstice Kings Book Cover The Solstice Kings
Kim Fielding
MM Paranormal Romance
Tin Box Press
October 6, 2020

Miles Thorsen’s adopted family is… unusual. But that’s not why he fled after graduating from college. Now, after ten years of restless wandering, he returns home for the winter holiday celebration. The solstice is a time of change, and perhaps it’s time for Miles to face who he is, who he loves… and who he’ll become.


She said – She said

She said – Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Miles Thorsen is living in New Orleans, he is a street artist and a recovering alcoholic. Ten years ago he ran from his home in a little town in Oregon called Kemken. Adopted at the age of six by a family who loves him unconditionally and never judges him and yet he refuses to return to them.


Miles’ mom has sent him a plane ticket to come home for the holidays and the only thing encouraging him is the fact that he has no one in New Orleans and lives in a crummy little apartment and is running out of money so how could a trip home hurt. The worst case scenario is if he hates it he can just run again.


Greeted by his parents and family like a long long son without one person blaming him for leaving and not one person judging his return. Everything is fine until Remy appears, the reason for his long ago departure.


This was not a long book and I don’t want to say too much and give anything away but I will say that it is never too late to go home and never too late to examine the reason why you left in the first place. Our minds can often lead us to believe the wrong thing and that is what happened but can Miles find his way back to the people who love him and leave the past ten years behind.

She said – Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a hard review to write.  The story is fun and twisty and exciting and unexpected.  And full of spoilery goodness which makes it hard to gush about it without giving anything away.  


Miles Thorsen has avoided going home, deciding to rely on his art to support himself, and avoiding his odd adoptive family.  Fielding has such a talent for creating emotional attachments to her characters, both within the story and with the reader.   The best part was watching Miles go home after all, and realizing that he had a place there whether he occupied it or not. 


 The twist on the Solstice legend was interesting and gives new meaning to which king is on top for 6 months!  Overall, this was a great quick read with surprises galore!