Hello everyone, I’m romance author J. M. Davies (Jen), and I’m so excited to be here today, Thanks for hosting me. For those of you who do not know me, I write paranormal and contemporary stories which I hope are entertaining and satisfying for readers. I also write YA novels under the name Jennifer Owen Davies. I write from the heart and at times, I take risks with my characters and the plots, which can be scary, but which I also love as I enjoy a challenge. My aim is to capture reader’s hearts, one book at a time!

I’m a hybrid author, which means I am signed with a traditional publisher (Limitless), and I self-publish. This gives me a lot of flexibility which I love. I’m originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, but I relocated to New England in 2001 with my husband and four boys who tower above me as I am a shortie at only five feet.

Last year, I finally became a US citizen which was so exciting as I now have a voice and can vote in the elections for 2020…yay!!! I love to travel as I often use the places I visit as a setting for my story, whether it’s for a weekend at Cape Cod or a trip to Mexico. I always end up creating a story around my vacations. I also write stories based upon where I am from as well as where I live now. Hence, my use of mythology in The Rise of Orion series, which is based in Wales and the USA.

The best part of being an author for me is the writing, meeting readers and attending events. The worst part is the marketing, but it’s a necessary evil. I am part of a local writer’s club. I meet with several authors every month to talk shop, and I manage a “Romance Only” book club, which is a lot of fun, so I am always busy. I intend to keep writing as long as the stories are there inside my head begging to be written.
In my downtime…I read, I love yard/estate sales, walking my rescue hound Ella, baking, and listening to music, oh, I also love Grey’s Anatomy.

Favorite Books that I Wrote:

I am always proud of every single book I write! I start every book full of self-doubt, wondering if I can actually finish the story I have in mind, so it always a surprise to me when I do. Obviously, my first book, The Promise will always be sentimental as it took me the longest to write, over four years, and I learned so much in that process.

Since then, each one is like a milestone. Capturing the Last Welsh Witch was my first adult paranormal, and I had such a blast creating the character Ella Masters, a soul-shifter/witch. Her story and the characters that grew around her, have been incredible, and I’ve spent the last five years completing that series, The Rise of Orion. The final book, Destiny of the Witch is due out April 10th.

Marnie’s Plan is probably my most emotionally and personally driven story because it touches on Alzheimer’s, which my mom suffered with. It was a hard story to create, but one, which I felt absolutely compelled to write.

The Deal started life as a chapter entry for a romance competition, and I loved the setting in Tuscany, on a working vineyard. When I did not win, I decided, I would continue to write the story and when I turned fifty, I was lucky enough to visit the vineyard I liased with in Montepulciano. It was a dream come true!

My last book, Forgotten Love grew out of my various vacations up at Long Lake in Maine. I started this story one summer, and I am writing the second book right now.

Favorite Books by People who Aren’t Me.

All of these amazing books at one point or another have impacted me, either because of the story, or the beautiful writing. Each book is very different, and each author has a unique writing style, which I love. These books have inspired me as an author to dig deeper and to try harder to get inside the minds of my own characters, because by the end of the books I have chosen below, I felt, I knew these people, I was sucked into their lives so much, I wanted to be part of their story, ha, ha. Books that make you feel that are magical!

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