I’m Kim Fielding. I write m/m romance in pretty much all the genres, as well as fantasy and horror. I grew up in Illinois and Oregon but have spent the last bunch of years in the middle of California—the farmy part, with cows, almonds, and grapes. My day job is criminal justice professor. I have a husband, a cat, and two daughters who are almost but not quite adults. I have a particular passion for travel, whether it’s an hour away to the mountains or across an ocean—I’m thrilled to go just about anywhere.

Favorite Books that I Wrote:

In the Tin Box I tackled difficult subjects–the terrible historical treatment of gay and mentally ill people. I did so accurately, because it’s important for people to know the truth. But I also managed a real love story with a happy ending. In Motel. Pool. one character dies 60 years before he meets the other guy, but I still pulled off a happy ending. I love Blyd and Pearce because I mixed several genres. It’s a noir private eye story in a medieval fantasy setting with a gay romance involved. It was also really fun to write. I’m proud of the Bureau series because I’m managing multiple settings, couples, and times while also sticking to coherent world building. And Brute! I originally wrote that books because someone told me romantic leads have to be handsome. Brute most definitely is not–and he’s disabled and poor besides–but everyone loves him, which makes me really happy.

Favorite Books by People who Aren’t Me.

I love American Gods. The writing is fantastic, and it’s sort of the ultimate American road trip–with gods, of course. You never know quite what to expect. Shadow makes a great hero, too. The Book Thief made me cry, which is very rare for me. The characters are so sympathetic, and the whole thing is so sensitively accomplished. As for the PsyCop series, I adore it, especially the audio version, which is masterfully narrated by Gomez Pugh. Victor Bayne is one of my all-time favorite heroes, and the writing is dryly, hysterically funny. I think Jordan Castillo Price is 11 books in and I still want more. The Golem and the Jinni combines folklore and a setting in turn-of-the-century New York City. I felt like I was there, walking the Lower East Side. And the Jinni is an amazing character. Objects in the Rearview Mirror is a ghost story. It’s heart-wrenching, scary, and also tender. It feels very real to me.

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