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Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in Colorado and have a cute little Cocker Spaniel, Raven. She is eight months old. Most of my books are set in Colorado, except for Legends of the Soaring Phoenix. I’ve been writing seriously for the past 15 years. I write contemporary and historical paranormal books.

What were your inspirations for writing or becoming an author?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and loved paranormal. The three authors admire the most are: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling. Their stories of perseverance has kept me focused and driven to never give up.

I have several different series. The first one is Legends of the Soaring Phoenix. It’s a historical paranormal series—pirates turned vampires. A demon curses a lake, then compels pirate ships to come to the island. Once they drink from it, they turn into vampires during the full moon. It becomes a battle between good versus evils with demons, vampires, and witches. The third installment, A Pirate’s Agony, will be released at the end of January or beginning of February.

The other series is my Angels of Death series. In the first book, Betrayal, Scythe tracks his demon brother to Serenity House, a drug and alcohol treatment center.  His brother wants to destroy the director, Heather Bowen, but Scythe is shocked to discover she is his angel-mate and now, he must not only save his brother’s soul, but stop him from killing the woman he loves. The second book is about Scythe’s brother, Blade, who is stripped of both his demon and angels, and must repent before his powers are restored. Punishment, Angels of Death, was a Top Pick from Night Owls Reviews. The third series is the Underworld series, Dark Promise, Love can unlock the secret to saving two worlds.

As the Golden Aspen Tree withers, darkness consumes the Dragon Demons of the Underworld, turning them feral. Prince Eric Wyvern must keep his darkness at bay and woo the silver-haired human tainted with angel blood whose touch is prophesied to save the Golden Tree and restore light to the Underworld.

Cassandra Wright, a gifted psychic, has dreamed of Eric her whole life. When her dream lover joins her on a ski vacation, he plunges her into a nightmare. Imprisoned in a dying world filled with abuse and torture, she must become the Demon Prince’s mate or remain trapped forever. If she fails to fulfill the prophecy, the darkness will spread to her world. But how can she give herself to this dark and frightening version of the man of her dreams?

The fourth series is Vampires on Holidays. Yes, I have a thing for vampires.

I have two books, with this one, A Vampire’s Christmas Wish and A Vampire’s Fallen Christmas Star.

Why did you write it?

I’ll take it as them. I wrote the pirate series, because I’ve always love vampires and pirates, and decided to put them together, but to do a twist.

With the Christmas story, I wanted to write paranormal holiday and place it in Colorado. Frisco, Colorado is like a second home to me. I have a family cabin in Frisco and both the Underworld series and the Vampires on Holiday are based there.

I wrote the Angels of Death series after I saw a painting on the internet. It was a ceiling painting of funeral, but what was interesting, it was in a smoker’s room with the smoker’s looking up. I started thinking what if the angel of death came to you and showed you your funeral. Would you stop using?

Why should people buy them?

My books all have a twist. None of them follow the traditional lore. For instance, in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, people can only turn into vampires if they drink from the cursed lake and they turn during the full moon. I also have different gods in this book. The Underworld is called Coaybay and the God of the Underworld is Maketabori.

Most angel romances do not have the Angels of Death as being the heroes. Mine does, which I think makes it unique.

In the Underworld series, my demons are just not demons. They are Dragon Demons and have some dragon powers. They do not transform into dragons, but they possess many of their powers.

I have to admit the Vampires on Holidays is a little more traditional, but in the second series, the heroine turns the hero, which makes it different.

Where can readers find my books?

All of my books are available on the major sites: Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Scribe, and Page Foundry. They are not in stores, but print books can be ordered through Create Space.

Do you have any book trailers?

Yes, I do. I have one on the first book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix—A Pirate’s Curse, and I have another one for Betrayal, Angels of Death.

Do you have any upcoming events?

Yes, I will be attending two reader cons this year—Authors After Dark in Atlanta and Authors and Readers Con in New Orleans. I’m very excited about going since I’ve not been to either city. Also, Sherrilyn Kenyon will be the main speaker at ADD and I love her books.