Yeah this question is… tell readers about you and honestly if you ever meet me, I’m probably going to ask more questions about YOU than I’m going to talk about me. I’ll ask things like… coffee or tea. I am a coffee drinker but I have tea drinking friends so I do understand the leaf language. I love animals… cats and dogs and will cross the street in heavy traffic if it looks like a dog wants to talk to me. I have a group of friends called The Five and they are my acnhor in this world. I’ve had the unique luck in being an ethnic mutt with connections to all of those cultures and I am willing to go on adventures. More than willing. Oh and I really like to murder people and write monsters.

Favorite Books that I Wrote:

Proud’s a strong word.
Dirty Kiss was important to me because it was the FIRST one and I also got to meet Greg Tremblay through this book so I gained a brother during the process. I also loved examining the cultural differences between a “typical” American and a Traditional Korean couple.

Ramen Assassin: This was just fun. And it really came from the title itself. I also sort of startled TA Moore the day I started on this because I stare blankly as I talk to myself and she thought I was possibly looking at a spider on the wall behind her.

Sinners Gin: Ah, my rock stars. And well, Miki St. John. I do so adore Miki

Black Dog Blues: My other grumpy snarling kitten. Kai has a special place in my heart and well, he’s fierce, tender, snarly and there’s dragons!

Murder and Mayhem: Because who DOESN’T want to write about a reformed cat burglar and the cop he falls in love with? Seriously… it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Favorite Books by People who Aren’t Me.

Bone to Pick: Cops, dogs and an Irish madwoman writing them. Who can go wrong with that? Love this book and its tone. Fantastic story!

King of the Kitchen: FOOD! And hot men who love food. Fun and a good read.

Courtship Rite: Heady stuff and the most character driven sci-fi I’ve ever read.

Lay Your Sleeping Head: A completely revised edition of the first Henry Rios mystery, The Little Death, Lay Your Sleeping Head introduces Michael Nava’s singular protagonist, gay, Latino criminal defense lawyer, Henry Rios. Nava is an incredible author and really a kick ass gentleman. Foundational work.

All Kinds of Tied Down: Nothing says love like chaos, guns and snarky men. Great book and fantastic series.

Whyborne: Yes, I went with six because I can’t leave out this classic series by Jordan L Hawk. Because I LURVE Widdershins and everything about it.

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