I am TA Moore and I am honored to be the very first Featured Author on the PRG website in a long, long time. So a few relevant things about me. I’m an author, obviously, and I write urban fantasy, romantic suspense, and the occasional contemporary where hardly any laws are even broken. I was born and bred in Northern Ireland, in a small market town in County Down. Over the years I’ve worked as an arts journalist, a documentary researcher, an office manager, a marketing and information officer for a few literary charities, and as a finance officer – which was, frankly, an interesting move on the hiring committee’s part.

Interesting Facts about Me!

I’m named after my Grandad, I was born on the 12th July (culturally significant and I always got my birthday off at school, which saved me from the bumps!), and my longest running friendship is with the Five and that’s coming on a quarter of a century. I am terrified of spiders, kind of claustrophobic, and I am quite a good shot with a longbow.

Favorite Books by TA Moore

I am proud of all the books I’ve published and they are all my favorites. However, the books I selected to be highlighted here are the ones I had the most fun writing. Dog Days was the first book I published with Dreamspinner Press and my friend Rhys actually called my from San Diego to tell me to get my finger out and send it (I was only partially clad at the time, and I get a lot of news that way? I don’t know why).

Favorite Books by People who Aren’t Me.

Jordan Hawk just pipped Dashiell Hammett at the post here, since he’s still writing and he hasn’t bothered to publish anything recently. These are some of my favorite books, and they’re all by authors I admire and occasionally envy.

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