I love cooking and travel, I go in hard on coffee over tea but any vehicle for caffeine will do in a pinch, and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for my friends or family. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’ve got a huge to-be-watched list on Netflix but I always seem to pick reading a book over watching anything, so it just keeps getting longer. And I have the attention span of a gnat for anything that isn’t related to food, my loved ones, or a book. Or dogs. I’ve always got time for dogs.

Favorite Books that I Wrote:

There are pieces of all my books that I love, but these are the five that have very special places in my heart.

CAMP H.O.W.L. was my first paranormal, and the worldbuilding in it honestly felt like coming home–I have loved reading paranormal romance since I was young, but it felt daunting to write.

STEALING HIS HEART is a continuation of that series and I just absolutely love the characters.

PLAYING HOUSE is from an earlier series, and it has an autistic main character. My son is on the spectrum and we don’t see much positive representation, so it’s a very important book to me.

KING OF THE KITCHEN is dedicated to my father, who was a chef and fostered a lifelong love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen in me.

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT is my first book with a character who is Filipino like me–another thing I don’t see represented in fiction much.


Favorite Books by People who Aren’t Me.

I love seeing new takes on tropes, and all of these authors have really made the tropes and mythologies their own and given them a delicious twist. (And I’ve been on a Regency romance kick lately, so finding paranormal Regency romance delighted me beyond reason!)

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