Fire and Onyx Book Cover Fire and Onyx
Carlisle Deputies Book 5
Andrew Grey
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
January 14, 2020

Undercover sheriff’s deputy Evan Whittaker is close to infiltrating a vicious local gang. He just needs to find an opening. Instead, he finds Wes Douglas, a web designer who is raising his irresponsible brother’s son. Wes agrees to help with a stakeout, but he pays the price when his home is destroyed in a shootout.

Evan’s always been a loner, but when he invites Wes into his home, living together feels right, and the two men only grow closer as they adapt to each other’s lives and rhythms. A future as a family looks brighter by the day, but all of that could collapse when Wes’s brother—and his connection to the drug dealers—crashes into the life they’re carefully building.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

van Whittaker is a sheriff’s deputy and for the past two years he has been trying to take down a drug gang who is always one step ahead of him. Racking his brain over what his next step should be an unrelated incident would show him the right road to travel in his quest to rid the county of a drug gang causing harm.

While walking he sees a man pushing a baby stroller being accosted by a group of teens, this man would be his way into the gang and change his life in more ways than one. Wes Douglas is the guardian for his brother Trey’s son Greyson, a son he wants no part of and a son that has become Wes’ life. After helping Wes he invites him to have a bite of dinner with him at a diner and before long that dinner would introduce him to Trey who is involved with the very gang that Evan is after.

Wes is Evan’s way in and he hides nothing from him, who he is and what he is after and in spite of the fact that Trey is his brother Wes has no guilt over helping. Wes could not live with himself if he didn’t try to put an end to the violence this drug gang is causing, only making matters worse is the fact that there are two separate gangs who have a gun battle right in front of the home Wes, his parents, Trey and Greyson live in. A stray bullet hits a gas pipe and destroys the home and everything in it. Shaken up over what could have happened and the fact that he has no place to stay Evan opens his home to Wes and Greyson, not a difficult decision because in a very short time the two of them have managed to find a place in his heart.

Wes gets a bird’s eye view of life as an undercover cop and the effect it has on those around them but if he wants a relationship with Wes then he has to find a way to deal with it. He fears for his brother and he fears for the man he is falling in love with and hopes they both come out safe and sound. I can honestly say that Mr. Grey has described undercover work in such a realistic way that I find it hard to believe anyone would be willing to do it.

Once again I applaud Mr. Grey for a wonderful story filled with amazing characters and I will be getting a thesaurus so I can find other words to express my apparent love for his books I keep saying the same things, boring I know but totally mean everything I say.