Fire Maidens: Paris Book Cover Fire Maidens: Paris
Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 1
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance-Vampires
Twin Moon Press
September 17, 2019

Paris! City of dreams — or shifter nightmares?
Natalie Brewer has come to Paris to live out a dream, not a nightmare. Then a vampire attack exposes her to a whole new side to the City of Lights — and to her own heritage. Before she knows it, she’s swept into a world she never imagined, with gargoyles, werewolves, and dragons who claim she’s descended from a legendary shifter queen. Now her life is in danger, and it’s impossible to know who to trust, other than the mysterious stranger who risks his life for her again and again.

After a decade in the Foreign Legion, all dragon shifter Tristan Chevalier wants is to settle into a civilian life and a new job. His mission: to prove himself to the Guardians of Paris and to protect the city. But all that is threatened when an innocent woman stumbles into his life — and into his heart. Being appointed her bodyguard is a blessing and a curse, because Natalie is absolutely, positively off-limits despite the smoldering desire they both feel. Worse, every shifter in Paris has set their sights on her, from bloodthirsty vampires to power-hungry dragons and jealous rivals. For Tristan, it’s the test of a lifetime, and the outcome will affect the fortunes of an entire city.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the start of a series I can’t wait to continue reading, dragons, vampires, gargoyles, sex, romance and suspense, not to mention a beautiful look at Paris. This is Natalie Brewer and Tristan Chevalier’s story and what a story it is.

Natalie always dreamed of living in Paris and she finally stopped dreaming of it and made it a reality. She is starting a new life but it will be a life she never could have dreamt up in her wildest imagination. She is working at a soup kitchen where the homeless go and where they have learned to love her. Unfortunately one day a man who definitely had no business being at a soup kitchen couldn’t stop staring at her, a man that would be the start of a the new life, but not the life she expected.

Tristan Chevalier is a dragon shifter hired by the Guardians of Paris to report on wayward vampires but to not engage with them, only when he sees a vampire staring at Natalie he knows she is in trouble. Unfortunately the do not engage went out the window when the vampire went to attack Natalie and Tristan after just touching her arm immediately knew that she was his mate. Olivier demands Natalie because she has royal blood and she belongs to him, something Tristan has no intention of allowing.

Natalie discovers she is a Fire Maiden needed to revive an ancient spell and protect the city and for her protection she is assigned a bodyguard who happens to be the same man she has dreamed about ever since she first saw him, Tristan. Alaric who leads the Guardians has decided that she will mate with the right mate which definitely is not Tristan but while finding that mate Tristan will protect her.

This book is filled with everything I could ever want from a paranormal romance, handsome hero, beautiful heroine, romance, betrayal, love and a book I couldn’t put down. I loved the descriptions of Paris but now I long for a visit to another country with another hero. I can’t recommend this series highly enough.