Forever Love Book Cover Forever Love
Circle of Ghadan #1
Kimberly Cummons
Paranormal Romance
February 8, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The day that Cassandra Marston was kidnapped would be the day that would forever change her life. She was kept in a dark room and given constant injections, but one day she woke up to find herself in a clean bedroom totally different from what she was in before. When two men enter to talk to her she would find out just how crazy her life would become. Keegan Fitzgerald and Gaderian Sotiris (Derian) inform her that she ran in front of Keegan’s car and died only if she died, how is she now here in this room speaking to them?

Keegan and Derian are immortal and belong to the Aeterni race. The race is males, only the first born son is immortal and an Aeterni, daughters are not immortal but do live a longer life span. It is apparent that Cass is now an Aeterni which has never happened before. She never knew her father and was left with her grandparents to raise. Her mother and father were never in her life but apparently her father was an Aeterni and she was a Daughter. Someone has done the impossible and made her a full Aeterni and totally immortal.

Someone was able to give Cass something that changed her something that could cause the destruction of the entire Aeterni population. If Daughters were changed increasing the Aeterni population it could cause all kinds of changes to their world and could make them known to the human race. Keegan is a Drakon and it is his responsiblity to mete out punishment to any Aeterni who goes beyond what is considered right. He now must use all his talent to protect Cass since there is no doubt that the man responsible for her change will want her back.

There is an immediate attraction between Cass and Keegan, one that scares them both. Keegan has managed to live his life without forming any strong bonds. Cass may change all that. Cass doesn’t want immortality and is hoping to change back to how she was and if she stays immortal there is no way that Keegan would want to be tied down to her.

I totally enjoyed this book because every time I had to put it down, I wanted to pick it up again a sure sign that it had my total interest. The Aeterni race was fascinating and the characters were as well. I loved Keegan and Cass and the race to find the one responsible for what happened to her. There were surprises, secrets, sex and suspense, so what more could you ask for. Since this is book one I am sure there will be more to come.