Freedom from the Evil Dead Book Cover Freedom from the Evil Dead
Soul Catcher Book 5
Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
May 17, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

If you have been following this series, then you know that Jessie and her vampire lover Drake have been running from the VETOV, Vampires for the Ethical Treatment of Other Vampires, for the past two years. Jessie refused to work with the VETOV, and Drake killed one of the members when he endangered Jessie. It has been almost a year since Drake and Jessie have found some peace in a small suburban neighborhood in Canada, but they never totally let their guard down.

When a vampire Drake knows and trusts finds them, he convinces Drake that the VETOV wants to talk with them and make amends. Jessie begs Drake not to believe them, but he is so determined to free Jessie from them that he willingly goes. It has been almost three years, and Jessie has not heard from him. She finally had enough waiting and went to her friend Kyle in hopes he will help her. Unfortunately, the vampires got to him first and had control over his mind leading him to betray her. Kyle winds up dead, and she discovers that her best friend Dani also met the same fate.

There is only one person left she can turn to and that is Jeremy Ward, the demon who she hasn’t spoken to in five years. If he refuses to help her find Drake, then she has nowhere else to turn. Jeremy is willing to help, but not until she agrees to a deal with him. She is to bond with him and give him two children. If there are no male children, then they will continue to try but five children would be the maximum. When the children reach the age of thirteen, then she can choose to leave.

Jessie’s first reaction is to refuse, but when Jeremy throws her out of his home she knows she has no choice, be with Jeremy and free Drake or leave Drake to suffer where he is. When Jeremy, with the help of some of his friends, captures a vampire, Drake’s location is soon discovered. Plans are made to go to France and free him. Something unexpected happens and Jessie finds herself going to France on her own. Jeremy is unable to help her, and I won’t reveal why.

Jessie is ready to give herself up to the vampires to do with her what they want if they free Drake, her life for his. At this point in the book, I could not put it down, there are so much tension, lies, betrayals and violence. The vampires have proved over and over again that they are evil and can’t be trusted. Will they accept Jessie’s offer and free Drake? Is Drake still alive? Will Jeremy show up?

I did not read all the books in the series and highly recommend doing so. Although I got enough information about the preceding books I am sure that I missed out on a lot. I absolutely loved the main characters, Jeremy, Drake and Jessie but some of the secondary characters such as Ryan and Shawn I loved as well, they were willing to do whatever was necessary to help Jessie.

I can’t wait to start book six and happily I already have it.