Gin Me Over Book Cover Gin Me Over
Susan Mac Nicol
MM Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
February 3, 2020

Imaginative, creative, brilliant are some of the accolades Bradley “Birdy” Dobbs enjoys as the creator of top-of-the-line designer gin. Flighty, crazy, and irresponsible are also monikers used to describe him, mostly by the parade of Relationship Managers – read: death and doomsday business wazzocks – the bank sends over to Birdy’s company, Ori-Gin. When the latest number cruncher shows up with propositions Birdy can live with – and some he’s aching to try – Jaydon Tyrell becomes the most important member of Birdy’s flock.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Bradley Birdy Dobbs owns a gin distillery called Ori-Gin and sales are very good but the overhead, employee costs and repair costs of the machinery are putting him in a financial bind. Three different Relationship Managers from the bank have come to try to fix the problems and so far three of them have run out screaming. The first one was attacked by a peacock leaving her in a mud puddle, the second and third one Birdy managed to send running all by himself.

Now number four walks in the door and he is quite different from the first three. Jaydon Tyrell is about Birdy’s age, handsome and just Birdy’s type. Jaydon is well aware of the problems the first three managers faced and he had no intention of suggesting lowering the number of employees as a way to save on overhead. As they work together Jaydon takes the time to explain the various ways that Ori-Gin can be helped and finally Birdy begins to see the light. Of course the fact that both men are attracted to each other may have helped and the fact that like Birdy, Jaydon enjoys puns that start with the word gin.

As things begin to progress something happens that threatens to put an end to a relationship that hasn’t really started yet, what that is I won’t reveal.

A sweet story that I highly recommend.