Guarding Bloodlines Book Cover Guarding Bloodlines
Princeton Allegiant 2
Deborah Garland
Paranormal Romance-Vampires
Soul Mate Publishing
September 27, 2019
273 pages

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Vampires are the things nightmares are made of, yet we have been fascinated by them for years. What if there is a vampire that is so scary, other vampires are afraid of him? That vampire is Loren Tagaris who has the ability to wipe minds clean and destroy other vampires with a flick of his wrist. He is so deadly that he is feared by all in the vampire community.

Three hundred years ago Loren heard the screams of a woman who was being burned on a pyre. She was accused of being a witch, so he did what he could to save her and that meant turning her. Julianna did not turn and remained part human needing food and sleep and in spite of being immortal, could easily be killed. She is an aberration in the vampire world and considered a rogue. Scared of becoming a monster, she ran from Loren and kept on running from him ever since. She inherited his gifts and is almost as deadly as him, except she lacks the speed and power of a true vampire.

When a commander from Philadelphia goes missing, Loren agrees to find him with the promise that Julianna would no longer be pursued. The four Lords of the New York Vampire Command who control everything have given him thirty days to find Aiden (the Commander) and make Julianna his mate. After running from him for three hundred years, she returns to help him. As much as she ran from him before, now she finds herself unable to be away from him.

Julianna has never been with a man and suddenly she wants Loren. His only concern is
protecting her and finding the missing Commander. Julianna saved Alexander when he nearly died during a conversion back to human. Alexander fell in love with a human woman, Elizabeth, and her blood that saved him from dying. Alexander was Loren’s progeny and book one was his story. Loren has lived with his failure to convert Julianna into a full vampire, but she is his and he will be more than willing to go to war to protect her. Julianna realized that being with Loren is what she wants, especially after seeing first-hand what Elizabeth and Alexander have. In order to protect her he takes her to Francisco, a Commander he trust with the hope he will allow her to stay in his Allegiant. However, Julianna is not willing to give up on Loren and the life they could have.

This book is filled with surprises, romance, and a new force greater than even Loren which means nonstop excitement till the end. I did not read the first book but the author did an amazing job of updating me on what happened previously, so I was not lost. Having read book two, I anxiously await book three.