Haunted Destiny Book Cover Haunted Destiny
Kelly Abell
World Castle Publishing

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

At the age of fifteen, Destiny Dove’s life was forever changed. On the way to Disney World Destination, her father, mother and eighteen month old brother were in a car accident, an accident that killed her parents instantly when they were thrown from the car. She and her little brother were trapped inside. As she fought to get her brother out of his car seat, Destiny was pulled from the car. When the police officer went back to the car to get her brother, the car exploded leaving Destiny all alone.

The only family Destiny has is her grandmother Rose, a woman she never saw until the day she came to take her home from the hospital. All her life her mother had told her that her grandmother was crazy, now Destiny will have to find out for herself. Rose is the town palm reader and owns a New Age book store in Arcadia, Florida. Destiny’s mother never approved of what Rose did for a living, and kept her family away from her. But Destiny is about to learn more about her family then she ever expected.
Now Destiny is in a new place, having to go to a new school and meet new people. When two kids pull up to her grandmother’s house, she takes this as a good sign, but that is not how it turns out. Jake Turner meets Destiny and immediately wants to be her friend and help her, while his girlfriend, Amy Morgan, on the other hand sees her as competition and wants to destroy her. Things will only get worse.

When Destiny meets a man named Patch, she finds out that he has been dead for forty years… Like her grandmother and her mother, she has inherited The Shade Sight, which passes from generation to generation through the females. It is this sixth sense that her mother ran away from, refusing to accept her gift.

Destiny can see ghosts and talk to spirits. The ghosts are those who have refused to go to the light, and the spirits are those who have passed on. Her grandmother has spent her entire life trying to bring peace to the ghosts that have not moved on yet, and help the families connect with their dead loved ones. Now that Destiny has found out what she is, will she accept her gift, or run away from it like her mother?

Trouble comes in the form of an antique bedroom set, which Amy’s mother has bought for her. The set comes with a tragic history. Evil resides in this set and without realizing it Amy’s mother has invited that evil into her home. The evil threatens to destroy all around it. Will Destiny be able to destroy it? How far will this evil go? Can she save Amy and her family before they are all destroyed? Can she save Jake, who spends a good amount of time at Amy’s house?

This was a wonderful book and I totally forgot that it was a young adult book. Although the characters are teenagers, the story is just as interesting for adults. I should know, since I am “very adult”. You can’t help but love Destiny and Jake, two very caring, sensitive young people. And, I especially loved the little unexpected twist at the end.

If you love a mystery and ghosts, then you will love this book.