Her Brother's Keeper Book Cover Her Brother's Keeper
The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 3
J.J. DiBenedetto
Writing Dreams
January 31, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jane is spending another Christmas away from her boyfriend Mark. She is in Mallorca, Spain with her mentor Bill Welldon and he gave her the okay to bring her father and his fiance Cassie along. Her father and Cassie welcomed the invitation to spend Christmas in Spain for only the cost of their airline tickets but to Jane’s surprise another person came with them her twin brother George.

At first she was surprised by George’s appearance and wasn’t sure she was happy about it but then she decided that it would be good for him and maybe spending time with Cassie would finally put an end to his hatred of her. Cassie if you remember is not much older than Jane and George and although Jane accepted it George was not so willing to do so.

If you have read the first two books in the series than you know that this is just going to be another crazy adventure that Jane will find herself involved in. Especially when her brother George is arrested for stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry from a Princess. Jane feels responsible because she saw the woman who was seducing George and she did not stop it. George is a very shy, quiet and awkward physics student and picking up women in a bar is totally out of characters, but how do you stop your brother from feeling wanted and attractive?

George is drugged and literally left holding the bag, a bag holding a pair of diamond earrings. Noone seems to think it is strange for him to be lying in the bed with a pair of earrings and no other jewelry anywhere in the room but the only hope for George is for Jane to find the woman he was with in the bar and knowing Jane it will be one chaotic episode after another.

Accompanied by Cassie and one of the archaeology volunteers Sheryl they are off to their first stop Venice.

Fortunately for them considering they are clueless as to who the woman they are looking for really is they come upon another American who just had her diamond necklace stolen off her neck by a Russian woman. She overheard a conversation the woman had on the phone and they now knew she was headed to Prague so without any further thought off they go. Cassie is ready to kill Jane because everything she does has absolutely no thought behind it she gets an idea and there is no stopping her.

Jane wants to save her brother and keep Cassie and Sheryl from harm but they find themselves being followed and if that weren’t dangerous enough Sheryl’s driving was just as deadly. We know that in the past whatever trouble Jane got herself into she could usually get herself out of but this time she is running after jewel thieves and ex-Russian spies who have interests other than jewels.

Jane is a wonderful character with no filter when it comes to doing what she thinks is right even if it is dangerous. There are surprises and suspense and some very funny moments thanks to Jane and the two women with her. I look forward to more of Jane’s adventures.