Homemade for the Holidays Book Cover Homemade for the Holidays
Advent 2019
Sam Burns, Emy Calirel, Daniel de Lorne, Cassie Decker, Jana Denardo, Jayce Ellis, Kim Fielding, Elinor Gray, Crystel Greene, Andrew Grey, Dirk Greyson, Pat Henshaw, Ren Holly, Asta Idonea, Morgan James, Kim Katil, Jon Keys, Tara Lain, Kassandra Lea, L.A. Merrill, R.L. Merrill, Jenn Moffatt, Chrissy Munder, TJ Nichols, A. Nybo, Carol Pedroso, C.S. Poe, Liv Rancourt, E.J. Russell, B.G. Thomas
Holiday MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 1, 2019

Choosing the right gift for that special someone can be the most daunting part of the holidays. In a sea of mass-produced items, why buy when you can DIY? The end-of-the-year festivities are the best time for crafts, whether they’re made from yarn, paper, flour, or even code. And with some love and luck, these special presents might inspire a romance that lasts an evening… or a lifetime. Nothing makes the season merry and bright like a gift handmade from the heart, and to bring smiles to the faces of the ones they care about, these guys are willing to get creative.

Reviewer Gloria Lakritz Sr Reviewer and Review Chair

Every year Dreamspinner begins the Holiday Season with it’s Advent Calendar full of Holiday stories from its wonderful authors. Thirty Stories all releasing December 1, 2019 I have reviewed five.

5***** Stars
Title: Get Lit
Author: Kim Fielding
Category: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Pages: 33
I just love the Dreamspinner Advent Holiday short stories…Kim Fielding is one of my favorite authors…today she still does me proud. Uri Kessler is alone for the Holidays, recently divorced.
Being alone after a break-up is horrible…..But this time of year is worse.
Since Uri is Jewish he decides to make Hanukkah candles….I am Jewish myself, I had to laugh at this idea…At almost 80 years old, I would not tackle that ever….I’m known to be dangerous with stuff like tha and since we are told Uri is a bit of a klutz himself that idea would be dangerous!!!!…..It’s a wonder he is still alive. Lucky for him, he has a new sexy neighbor….what a fun read!!!

Title: Love in 24 Frames
Author: C.S. Poe
Category: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Pages: 38
Carol Poe has written a full length novel in just 38 pages…..Declan Groves is a CPA, working numbers daily… He is tremendously shy and is crushing on the receptionist of the studio he rents for his hobby used for a way to express himself . Declan has become a stop-motion film maker…..It’s over 6 months of stammering and not making eye contact…Shotka W is not going to wait forever…..Oh Carole as always you do not disappoint….Fabulous story!

Title: Christmas Ghosts
Author: Jenn Moffatt
Category: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Pages: 44
This is my first read of author Jenn Moffatt, and that is what I love best about this Advent Calendar , I get to read known and unknown authors to me. Ms Moffatt has written a sweet holiday story. The loss of a parent is very difficult, especially harder where guilt is involved. This is where Steve Browning’s finds himself. He and his brother returning from college to deal with their mother’s death.
Packing up all Mom’s things is hard, and they decide to donate clothing and some costume jewelry to the local community theatre. Trey Baxter and his sister Cam own the ageing theater.
Steve and Trey had been a ‘thing’ in the past, never ‘breaking up’ just going in separate ways. Now a Christmas Angel might step in to sweep the ghosts of the past away giving these two a path to a bright holiday future. Nice Holiday story!!!! Hope to read more of Jenn Moffatt.

Title: Notes From Home
Author: Dirk Greyson
Category: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Pages: 22
Dirk Greyson writes a sweet Christmas story. Reminding us of our men in the military, missing home and family during this Holiday Season must be excruciating….Loneliness
is terrible being so far from the ones you love.

Johnny Hollister is on deployment. Waiting for the nod to take out the enemy; on special assignment. Since he is single he always steps back and lets his brothers go home for the holidays to spouses and children. This holiday is no different except for the adorable Christmas envelopes that magically appear on his bunk every three days. The story is so wonderful, brothers giving back!

Title: Setting for Eight, Dinner for Two
Author: B.G. Thomas
Category: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Pages: 81
B.G. Thomas was my final story to read and was a bit longer than the others, but just a good happy holiday story. It wrapped up my love for Dreamspinner’s gift to its readers for Holiday Cheer.
Charlie Brooks meeting Tory Phillips was quite by accident. The author shows his knowledge in china pieces and must shares my love for Lenox, Spode, Waterford and Lladro. I am a collector, and my Christmas tree and table features many of the above names.
Charlie’s wish after losing many of his household items to a recent bad breakup, is to have a service of 9 (8 and one for breakage) He is introduced to Tory by his best friend Gay, saying Charlie could save money by joining Tory’s ceramics class. This way he could make his own pieces. Won’t spoil it…But this sweet holiday story was the dessert I needed.