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Among the many things that The Paranormal Romance Guild provides – including author pages, book reviews, sharing these things on our social media, gathering publishing resources for you to utilize, and putting together contests – the job is only half done.

With anything in life, in any sort of relationship be it professional, personal, or religious, what you put into it is what is returned to you. It’s an investment.

While we can do all these great things for you and are glad to do it, it is contingent upon you – the author – to take what we provide you and run with it. Our website has so much information, so many resources for you to utilize, including sharing your reviews on your own website, and discounts from industry professionals for those of you who self publish and for those looking for marketing opportunities for their traditionally published work.

Use them. Share your book reviews. Share your author of the month posts. Share your giveaways on your social media. Use the publishing resources that we’ve gathered for you, at a discount, as members. They belong to you.

From editors, proofreaders, beta readers, cover artists, marketing firms, web site designers, etc from one end of the publishing world to another – is listed in our directory for authors. We worked to put that together with you in mind because as an author, I understand just how hard it is to find all of these things on my own. We even have a section so you can put together your own blog tour.

The reviews of your books are free, share them. The resources are there for you as well. You pay for them. Use them. Set up that blog tour.

We have a lot of traffic to our social media and our website every day but don’t rely on that alone. As an author myself, I know that the marketing of my work is also placed squarely on my shoulders to encourage sales. When I receive a review of one of my books, I share it all over the place. I take the time to promote my work not only on my social media, but on my personal website as well. I know that once that work is ready for sale, it’s contingent on me to promote that work. We here just want to make that entire process easier and we’ve met you half way – the job is half done.

Take this baton and run with it. Finish the job. Be a success. We want to see you on the New York Times bestseller list. We want to see your book reviewed in USAtoday and so forth.

We look forward to hearing back from you. Tell us how these resources worked out for you.


Vice President,

F.E. Feeley Jr


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