Kingdom of Wisdom Book Cover Kingdom of Wisdom
Wisdom Chronicles – Book 4
Walter C. Conner
Epic Fantasy (some romance)
Double Dragon Publishing
March 26, 2013

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


I am having a bit more trouble reviewing this 4th rendition of the Wisdom series.  The story was good, the characters were interesting, but I think almost any epic fantasy should not go beyond a trilogy except in very rare instances. After time, it starts to repeat itself in some manner, as this one did. At times, it looks like it is coming to an end about 50% through and it starts back up again into a somewhat unexpected ending with a disturbing hook for the next book.  I cheated a bit and read the “teaser” on Amazon for the next book. I might just have to take a long break from these books to get my motivation back to read it.  We shall see.

Once again Wil is being forced to leave the forest to save the world. We have most of the characters back from the last book and a few interesting new ones added. No new romance to speak of and a lot more action. Even so, as good as it was, I was losing interest in the details and scanning ahead a small bit after the 50% mark.

This IS a great story but it needs a clear ending. While that is not a killer in itself, it makes the motivation for the reader a bit less with each book. However, that may be a failing with my own reading since I consume so many books each year.

As with most epic fantasy there are heroes, heroines, a bit of tragedy and a somewhat happy ending. With these books it is like 2 novels almost in the story almost over at 50% to start up again until the ending.  These books always leave us with a touch of something evil that will be the basis of the next book.

Bottom Line:  I loved it, read it like an addition. I really wanted a ending and instead got what we refer to in reviewing as “happy for now” meaning it is not going to stay that way.  I have already stated my opinion about overly long epic fantasy series. I may just need a break since I have read three of these novels in less than two weeks. I will call this 4 Stars and hope that maybe I can get motivated enough to pick up the pieces of this novel that were left hanging and read the next book sometime before I forget where the story was going.