Lagoon of Dreams Book Cover Lagoon of Dreams
Strange, Strange World (Book 3)
MM Paranormal Sci-Fi
October 26, 2019

David Knight has been plagued by dreams his entire life, only to have all memory of them vanish when he awakens. Now the dreams are coming with more frequency, and they seem to be drawing him to the Amazon.

A scientist with a PhD in ichthyology and a dedication to learning all he can about lungfish, whose existence dates back to the Devonian era, David is determined to see what the Amazon holds. His hopes seem about to be answered when Dr. Carlos Avila contacts him. It seems the Brazilian archeologist discovered the remains of a previously undiscovered species on a tributary of the Amazon, and he'd like nothing better than for David to join the expedition to see if more of the creature can be found.

Of course David leaps at the opportunity and flies to Pesadelo Bay to join the mismatched team. Once there, he discovers not only does Dr. Avila have his own agenda, but a former conquest as well as a friend who'd saved his life years before are part of the team and are engaged to be married.

Meanwhile, the need to sail up the Amazon to find what ... or who ... is calling him there has become more and more pressing, and David must decide which is the most important -- learning what Dr. Avila really is searching for, or finding the answer to his dreams?

Review by Sherry Perkins,
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I regarded him dispassionately. “Is there a reason why I should cater to your desires, Cameron?” Here was a boy who definitely needed to learn that he could not have what he wanted, when he wanted and simply because he wanted it.—Lagoon of Dreams

There are many things to like about “Lagoon of Dreams.” By-in-large, they’re mostly personal preferences.That was the real buy-in for me. But there is enough of the story that has more general appeal, fantasy interest and love story to make it appealing for other readers, too.

“Lagoon of Dreams” has a prologue, which is a literary device I enjoy because who doesn’t like a hint that there’s more going on than meets the eye? And it’s clear something is going on in this SciFi novel set in the 1920s. Author Tinnean seems to favor the era as evidenced by the settings in the other two books of the “Strange, Strange World” series, “Destiny’s End,” and “The Most Loved of All.” Don’t fret if you haven’t read them yet because the books aren’t linked in any way other than the “Strange, Strange World” theme and timeline (but put them on your TBR list for later, and Tinnean has a spy series that looks promising too).

The Twenties, however, are a good place for exploration of the SciFi theme “Lagoon of Dreams” describes, especially since the era was one filled with scientific discovery, technical advancement and industrial growth, and no shortage of self-indulgence.

Those other preferential things? The main character, David Knight, is a science-based thinker with a PhD in marine biology, ichthyology specifically. Ichthyology is the study of fish.It becomes somewhat important in the development of the plot. Not to worry, though—the story is easy to read, and you’d be able to follow along even without the mention of ichthyology. But if you always wanted to be a marine biologist when you grew up, well, now you know why I took special interest in this story with a slight nod to “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

“Lagoon of Dreams” has plenty of intrigue, adventure and globe-trotting to get there, and David’s hedonism carries the story along in-between all that. As far as the book’s conclusion, yes, it is a very strange world indeed, but I was OK with it. It didn’t hurt that it involved something fishy and fantastic, either.