Last But Not Lease Book Cover Last But Not Lease
The ABCs of Spellcraft Book 5
Jordan Castillo Price
MM Romance
Independently Published
February 24, 2020

Location, Location, Location!

Yuri knew his idyllic beachfront cabin wouldn’t last forever—but he wasn’t expecting to come home to an eviction notice. And with Uncle Fonzo back in town, Dixon’s attic apartment is getting crowded.

Unfortunately, real estate in Pinyin Bay is surprisingly scarce. Good thing there’s an up-and-coming crowdsourced experience called Hunting Party that really moves the needle on the traditional rental acquisition model.

Okay, it really is as obnoxious as it sounds. But rentals are so few and far between, Dixon and Yuri are willing to give it a shot.
Pitted against a group of apartment hunters, the guys must compete with the other hopefuls to land a new place. It’s clearly all just a cheesy sales ploy, and the apartments they view are real dumps.

And yet…they’re also oddly appealing.

Since all the rentals are in the falling-down neighborhood known as Scrivener Village, it stands to reason Spellcraft is involved. But when exposing the magic could leave Dixon and Yuri without a roof over their heads, can they really afford to be so picky?

The ABCs of Spellcraft is a series filled with bad jokes and good magic, where MM Romance meets Paranormal Cozy. A perky hero, a brooding love interest, and delightfully twisty-turny stories that never end up quite where you’d expect. The books are best read in order, so be sure to start at the beginning with Quill Me Now.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer and Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I was so surprised and delighted to see this series continue. While the first five stories were a sometimes hilarious mystery of following the crumbs to find the missing Uncle Fonzo.

Now that Fonzo has been found, he has moved back into his own place; that place also houses Dixon in his attic apartment and his cousin and a renter downstairs. This has created a crowded family environment, and the need for Yuri and Dixon for privacy brings us to them finding it.

I found this story was kinda special. The first five stories were Yuri and Dixon finding each other and working together for a common goal. The newness of being together and the learning about each other was good…..especially when Price writes chapter in Yuri’s thoughts with the newness of their relationship and how each is still hoping the other is on board with the attraction to grow. Apartment hunting is a horrible experience for most couples, but the shortage in Pinyin Bay makes it worse, especially with SpellCraft Magic

Again our author amazes us with a fun story, it lifted my spirits and gave me hope that the newest release Don’t Rock the Boardwalk is waiting on my kindle as we speak!

I am on board and ready for the ride!