Life's a Witch: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy Book Cover Life's a Witch: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy
New Orleans Nocturnes Book 3
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Romance
Independently Published
April 11, 2020

Crimson Oliver is a bad witch.

She's not wicked, but every spell she tries to cast goes awry in one way or another. After her last screw-up, the high priestess has threatened to bind her powers and turn her human for good.

Crimson's solution? Challenge the priestess to a battle of magic she can't possibly win.

Not without a miracle, anyway.

Enter hotter-than-hellfire demon Mike Cortez. He's a devil's advocate who can make anyone's dreams come true…for a price. He's had his eye on the seductive witch for a while, and Satan is in the market for a new assistant.

But Mike wants to date her, not damn her.

When he accidentally makes a deal condemning Crimson to an eternity of satanic servitude, they'll have to go to hell and back to outsmart the devil and save the witch's soul.

Ride along on a journey from the Big Easy to hell and back again in this fast, steamy paranormal romantic comedy!

Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book. It started out in an interesting scene and then the pace slowed, and I found it was a bit boring. Finally realizing the author was feeding you information you needed to know, the pace picked up and things started moving. Sometimes, it was hilarious.

The bottom line is pretty serious. Our witch heroine, Crimson, whose main talent seems to be screwing up her own spells, is supposed to take on the High Priestess of the coven. This promises to be a short lived and embarrassing defeat. The penalty for losing is the loss of all her witch powers and being cut off from all her supernatural friends.

Mike is a half demon. He is crazy about Crimson and wants to help. She doesn’t want his help, but soon realizes she needs it. The plot rolls on with a bit of romance, some heroic gestures, and a bit of craziness. It was entertaining, and I liked it.

Bottom Line: I spent most of a day reading it and enjoyed it, some parts more than others. The ending was good, and the interplay and the scene where she keeps getting spells wrong in the bathroom was LOL funny. 4 Stars for some easy entertainment.