Lord Quickthorn's Bargain Book Cover Lord Quickthorn's Bargain
Novella of the Passionate Promises Anthology
Barbara Monajem
Historical Romance/Paranormal
Vane Publisher LLC

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

(Novella of the Passionate Promises Anthology)

Gwen Appleby and her sister, Melisande, were left nearly penniless, thanks to their brother’s drinking and gambling. Now Mel has a chance to marry the man she loves who also will be able to provide for her. All is going well until Melisande asks her betrothed, Sir Charles Humphrey, to bed her. She wants to know that her husband will be passionate. To date, Charles has not even kissed her or held her hand without gloves. Unfortunately, Charles was disgusted by her request and an argument brought an end to the engagement.

Gwen is determined to see to it that the marriage takes place and decides to visit the Fairy Well and ask for a boon. The custodian of the well is Polyanthus (Polly). Gwen has no idea the custodian has taken a holiday and left the job to her half-brother Lord Quickthorn (Rex) a known rake who beds a woman and leaves for the next conquest. His reputation in London is known by the entire town of Whiffle Force and now he is the custodian of the well where Gwen intends to ask Polly to keep Lord Quickthorn from seducing her sister. Melisande has her cap set on him.

Rex finds her request amusing. Although he promised his sister he would not seduce anyone with or without magic, he finds himself attracted to her. So Rex makes a bargain, a bargain he hopes will be entertaining for him and give him a chance to get to know Gwen a little better. She has no idea who she made a bargain with and what it will eventually cost her.

I loved this story, it had it all, romance, sex, humor, and two amazing characters. This is a story that will be published in Passionate Promises Anthology, but I was fortunate to have the author ask me to read and review this novella and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I look forward to the anthology which I have no doubt I will love.