Lost Treasures of the Heart Book Cover Lost Treasures of the Heart
Treasures of the Tide Trilogy #1
Charlie Most & Charlene Keel
Time Travel/Romance
Red Sky Presents
November 17, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

2nd Place – 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Paranormal Novels & Novellas

1st Place – Place – 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Paranormal Novels & Novellas Series

Jonathan West is fifty-three, married with two daughters and has a successful architectural firm. Life should be everything that he wanted—except for the fact that his wife cheated on him. Although his feelings for her are not what they used to be, it still upsets him. He knows there is no love between them anymore but her betrayal still stings. He is not ready to leave the marriage and live on his own,  so they live in a state of truce.

A fishing trip with friends would change Jonathan’s life forever. On that day, he first saw a ghost ship with a young woman standing on the bow. He becomes obsessed with what he saw and can’t get it out of his mind. He knows what he saw was real in spite of what others would think and he begins to research ships with the letters R T. It is the Royal Thomas captained by Kate Russell and she is the one he saw.

The book then takes us back to Carolina in 1717 where a young Kate has fallen helplessly in love with a pirate named Jacob. She waits day after day for him to return so that they can elope. Her confidante is her cousin Shelly with whom she shares all her secrets. As soon as his ship docks, she runs to see him and it is there she discovers that he and her cousin were using her. Jacob hoped to marry her so that he could get a ship from her father. Shelly and he were lovers. When Jacob came close to killing Shelly for revealing everything, Kate killed him. Now she is wanted by both the English and Blackbeard the pirate who cared about Jacob.

That was how Kate became the captain of the Royal Thomas. Her father signed over the ship to her with the intentions of her going to England and claiming money with which she could start a new life and be safe. Unfortunately, fate had another plan in mind for her and she became a pirate.

Jonathan is still trying to find out about Kate and from what he read her ship went down in 1721. Why was she appearing to him? Was she trying to tell him something? Her appearance would cause him to make drastic changes in his life, starting with purchasing a large home on the beach so that he could always be on the lookout for the ship and Kate. He has to finally make a decision about his marriage and Mattie the real estate broker he met while searching for a house. Mattie looks so much like Kate and her license plate says “Pirate Girl” that is a secret that will be revealed.

I loved how the story went back and forth between two time periods and I especially loved Kate’s story. Kate was a strong, caring woman that her men loved and followed without question. Kate would have an impact on more lives than just Jonathan. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.