Matanzas Moon: Ablaze Book Cover Matanzas Moon: Ablaze
Elizabeth Raven
Paranormal Romance
Ms. Tiki Unlimited, Inc
March 7, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Bridget Quinn and her boyfriend Police Officer Nicholas Jason Maddox have returned from a trip to Oahu after their showdown with the vigilante ghost of a voodoo priestess. They are now hoping for normalcy but that is not what they get.

A visit to Ripley’s Museum causes a major change in Bridget, her personality is totally changed and her sex drive is off the walls. Something happened in the museum she now hears a voice in her head and has nightmares. Nick is chalking it up to an after effect of their showdown with the voodoo priestess and her lack of sleep. He loves Bridget and although being with her is not always easy, and now it is even harder she is his IT.

Nick also has certain abilities such as ESP. At dinner with Bridget and their friends he sees an SUV crash into them at their table killing Bridget. Fortunately, it was a vision of something that is going to happen and he is quick to take action when he does see an SUV heading straight towards them.

Bridget’s erratic behavior triggers her desire for RIP the owner of RIP’S Ghost Tour Hearse a man she thought she cared for till she realized it was Nick she wanted. She also begins to mistrust Nick who is apparently keeping a secret from her. She is sure it is another woman, specifically his ex-wife. Nick made the mistake of not confiding in her that he was actually interviewing for a job with the FBI. Even after confessing what was going on she went ballistic.

Things go from bad to worse when Nick begins to change but it takes RIP to realize what has actually happened, it is something that happened to him and forever changed his life. It is up to him to save his friends.

I truly loved this story and the characters in it. It had suspense, sex, romance, secrets and  ghosts.  Matanzas Moon was the first book in this series and although I did not read it the author did a great job in bringing me up to date.