Excitement was in the air when Anne Rice agents contacted PRG to do a Forum in NOLA 2 years in a row. The First year we shared the spotlight with Sherrilyn Kenyon. The weekend ended with Anne Rice’s Lestat Ball of which we dressed in costume and were VIP Members.

Year one the forum hosted  CJ Ellisson, Andrew Marino, Marianne Morea, Kelly Abell, Karen Fuller, Melanie Nowak and Reviewer Penny Nichols and I moderated.

Year two we had T Lynne Tolles join us and Andrea Weis along with returning Marianne, Kelly Karen and Melanie…..Penny and I again were the authors slaves helping and setting up and moderating….That second year PRG did not share the spotlight. That year Anne Rice and son Christopher hosted a party at the church where Anne was baptized  deep in the heart of NOLA.