Dreamspinner holds for it’s published authors a workshop in Orlando and for the past two years I have driven over and attended.

Amy Lane has been a bestie from the Amazon threads and I meet her whenever she is in Florida….One time on the east coast I  met Amy and Elizabeth, the experience became a best selling  book! I am so proud of her that one afternoon I stepped into the Convention Centers Main Ballroom and my Amy was front and center TEACHING….VerKlempt I did get…The Girl has come a long way!!!

But Now I am familiar to the group, they are so warm and make you feel you belong. Dinners with Jacob Flores and his partner Mike Zimmerman, Andrew Grey and his husband Dominic, Rhys Ford, Charlie Cochet, and the girls has been heart warming experience. This last trip meeting and watching live interviews with voice over actors Greg Trembley, Derrick McClain was fascinating with me shaking Greg’s hand saying “I’d know your voice anywhere, I hear you in bed.” (Yes since he did Rhy’s whole Cole McGuiness Series I listened to) made us both blush….

No more pics…Don’t want to bore you…..Thanks for Celebrating with us!!!