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The Witches of New Moon Beach Book 3
Meriam Wilhelm
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
July 21, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we last left off Olivia found herself confronted by her Great-grandmother Isadora. So much has happened, Olivia discovered that she is super powerful and as soon as that was revealed her sisters seemed to pull away from her out of jealousy. The cottages are almost finished and is doing wonderful and Jonathan and Olivia have finally got their relationship on the right foot. Jonathan and his brother Matt both know that the women in their life are witches and have accepted that fact.

Harmony who is the oldest sister believed that the super powers should have been hers, as the big sister it was her job to protect Constance and Olivia not the other way around. Olivia finds herself with super powers and winds up losing the two most important people in her life. She would gladly give up all her powers to have her sisters back.

Behind Olivia’s back her Great-grandmother is making plans for her to marry a wizard and not a mortal but everything backfires. Cyrus Banks is recruited to get Olivia to fall for him but he is much more than he appears and has everyone fooled. He meets Olivia as the VP of UW textile Co. a supplier with the most amazing fabrics. Unfortunately for him Olivia is not swept off her feet in spite of how hard he tries. He also manages to interfer with her and Jonathan’s relationship when he makes Jonathan believe he is the new man in her life.

Cyrus is actually an old wizard known as Kevin, a wizard that had a hand in what happened to Olivia’s mother. He wants to marry Olivia and take all her powers so that control of the coven will be all his. He has no problem taking what he wants and his magic allows him to do that. Olivia finds herself in the hands of pure evil and unable to call on her powers because of a spell Cyrus placed on her.

Everyone is out looking for Olivia including Larry who has begun to tap into the powers he discovered he has. Can Olivia be found before Cyrus manages to get her married to him? Will she lose her powers? Can she get Jonathan to understand that there was never anything going on between her and Cyrus?

This book was wonderful and full of surprises. So many secrets are revealed and what happens with Cyrus is not for me to tell. Start this series from the beginning and if you love witches you will love the Witches of New Moon Beach.