Moonlight Becomes You Book Cover Moonlight Becomes You
An Eidola Project Novel Book 2
Robert Herold
Gothic Dark Fantasy Horror / Gaslamp Fiction / Shifters
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
February 24, 2021

The Eidola Project travels to Petersburg, Virginia, to investigate a series of murders in the Black community--rumored to be caused by a werewolf. Once there, danger comes from all quarters. Not only do they face threats from the supernatural, the KKK objects to the team's activities, and the group is falling apart. Can they overcome their human frailties to defeat the evil that surrounds them?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

The Eidola Project team is on their way to Petersburg, Virginia to explore the possibility of a werewolf who has been killing people in the black community. Reverend Green has requested their help to put a stop to the killings. If you haven’t read book one then I will give a quick rundown of the main characters. The group is run by William James, a paranormal research group with a very diverse group of people. Nigel Pickford was found by the group laying in the street drunk but the group has given him a new lease on life which is not working out well since returning to Petersburg, the place of his nightmares is putting him right back in the bottle.


Annabelle Douglas the second in command is also an addict but her choice of poison is Laudanum. We also have Sarah Bradbury and Dr. Edgar Gilpin the only black person in the group who also is leery of being in a Southern town.  Nigel does not hide his dislike for black people and Edgar is the target of his dislike but when trouble comes he will put all his animosity to rest and run to help.


Deaths are still happening, bodies ripped apart and now the murders are reaching into the white community. James tries to keep the team from falling apart and tearing at each other while trying to find the monster that at one time only killed during the full moon but now seems to be able to transform at will. The story is not just about one monster but it involves the Ku Klux Klan who wear their white sheets and don’t hesitate to kill if the color of one’s skin is darker than theirs.


The real monster did not scare me half as much as the monsters who go to church on Sunday while their hearts are filled with hate. The war is over but the blacks are at the mercy of the KKK, look the wrong way, say the wrong thing and you could hang and poor Edgar almost learned that the hard way. Who do you go to for help when the sheriff also wears a white sheet. Unfortunately, although blacks have come a long way they still have a long way to go.

The book begins with a killing but it was what occurred before the killing that bothered me the most and I won’t reveal what it was.


I can’t wait to see where the group heads to next because I will certainly be along for the ride and so far each ride has been a thrilling one. I also won’t reveal what the group discovers but I will say it was a doozie. If a thrill a minute book is what you are looking for look no further