Not a Chance Book Cover Not a Chance
The Enchantlings Series Book 2
Maureen L. Bonatch
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
October 31, 2018

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Not A Chance – The Enchantlings Book #2 – By Maureen L Bonatch

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The last thing Hope Hallows wants is to become the latest headline. Living in a town that likes secrets, she prefers to keep hers hidden. Avoiding a nosy reporter’s questions about her ability to infuse euphoria or despair with a single touch, and those who crave this bliss, is nothing new. But having her brother’s annoying girlfriend, Berta, go missing is—especially when it makes Hope suspect number one.

As a triplet, her resemblance to her beloved dead sister causes her family to grieve even more, and her escalating supernatural skills makes Griffith, her half-human-half-Oppressor boyfriend, wary. He wants to put his unsavory past behind him—this could include Hope—since her abilities remind him of the Underworld.

In her desperate search to find Berta, she stumbles across a tunnel. Phantom voices within whisper that evil has been waiting for a new leader—and isn’t she lucky, they’ve chosen Hope.


“I swear you have a death wish. Are you looking for any excuse to use your abilities again?”

I started at the ferocity in his remark and straightened in defense. He was supposed to be my ally, but I should’ve anticipated his reaction. “I had no choice.”

“Only because you chose to take her in the woods in the first place.” The tiny haze of lights ignited around him as his frustration built.

I pushed my hands in my pockets to prevent from reaching for him for my own selfish comfort. He had to understand.Griffith was the only one who understood me. He was my rock in this ever-changing town. “I had to help look for Berta. There isn’t a choice in everything. I couldn’t let Chance go alone. Yes, I went because it was my idea in the first place, but also because he’s my brother. It’s not safe for him.”

His gaze locked with mine. “You didn’t worry about yourself? Or consider how much worry you’ve caused me? Damn it Hope, you, of all people, should realize what lurks undercover in the daylight has little fear at night and outside of town.”

Griffith always saw right through my petty motives. The trait was what I loved and hated about him.

About the Author:

Maureen Bonatch writes humorous paranormal and snarky fantasy romance with light suspense and usually magic. She loves sharing her love of the extraordinary in the ordinary world, maybe making you laugh a little and occasionally scaring you just a tad.

Maureen grew up in small town Pennsylvania and her love of the four seasons–hockey, biking, sweat pants and hibernation–keep her there. Since her desire to become a Solid Gold Dancer was thwarted when the show was discontinued, she opted to pursue other paths such as belly-dancing, becoming a self-proclaimed tequila connoisseur, fulfilling her role as biker babe to her alpha hubby and surviving motherhood to twins (so far). She is also a Health and Wellness Freelance Writer.

While immersed in writing or reading paranormal romance and fantasy, Maureen survives on caffeine, wine, music, and laughter. A feisty Shih Tzu, her teen twins & alpha hubby keep her in line.

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