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January 1, 2018

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PHOENIX (The Project Book 16) By Alex Lukeman

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The president of the U.S. orders Director Elizabeth Harker of the Project to investigate the collision at sea of a U.S. Navy missile destroyer with a Chinese freighter. It may have been sabotage, and the president wants her to get to the bottom of it. But the assignment is not what it seems. Harker has an enemy in the White House who wants her to fail. The Project’s continued existence is on the line.

In the cold reaches of the far north, a hidden supercomputer with malicious artificial intelligence is being used by a secret organization to drive the world to war. Disruptive attacks across the world begin to create deep suspicions between China, Russia, and America. Preparations for war escalate. As the war drums begin to beat, the Project team discovers a digital trail that could lead to whoever is trying to touch off a nuclear confrontation.

That makes the team a serious threat. They’re getting too close to the truth, and the man behind the attacks decides to stop them. As the doomsday clock ticks toward zero, it’s touch and go whether any of the team will get out alive, much less stop the certainty of nuclear war and mutual annihilation.

Will they survive long enough to stop the missiles from flying?



The USS Wayne made a steady twenty knots through the gray-green waters of the South China Sea, the sharp edge of her bow cutting like a samurai sword through the water. The Wayne was an Arleigh Burke class missile destroyer, an elegant, deadly, war machine of the sea. She was showing the flag, sailing in international waters claimed by Beijing.

Two miles to starboard, a Chinese Navy corvette had been shadowing them since first light. So far there’d been no incidents, although the Wayne had received numerous radio transmissions protesting her presence in “Chinese territorial waters.”

This part of the world’s sea lanes was a busy place. Freighters, fishing boats, and container ships dotted the wide horizon. The Wayne featured the most sophisticated navigational electronics and displays taxpayer money could buy. It made no difference if she sailed in a complete white out or the black of night, whoever was on the bridge knew exactly what was out there. On a day like today, with unlimited visibility, it didn’t take instruments to see the freighter making erratic movements ahead of them. Streams of rust ran down her sides. The vessel flew a Chinese flag.

Captain Randolph “Randy” Carpenter lowered his binoculars. He turned to his XO, Commander Zachary Armstrong, standing next to him on the bridge.

“What does that idiot think he’s doing, Zack?”

“You got me, skipper. He keeps that up, he’s going to cross right in front of us.”

“Helm, ten degrees to port.”

“Ten degrees to port, aye.”

The ship heeled slightly as she changed course.

Armstrong studied the freighter through his binoculars.

“Sir, he’s altered course. He’s headed right for us.”

“Helm, twenty degrees to port, all ahead full.”

“Twenty degrees to port, aye. All ahead full, aye.”

The seaman standing at the bridge helm station turned the wheel in front of him.

The destroyer began turning to starboard.

“Damn it, helm, I said port.”

“Sir, the helm is not responding.” There was a touch of panic in the seaman’s voice. He spun the wheel. “Sir, there is no response. I’m locked out.”

The floor under Captain Carpenter’s feet vibrated as the four powerful gas turbines that drove the destroyer spun up to full speed. The Wayne was engineered to make a fast thirty knots and could make a turn impossible twenty years before. That didn’t help if she wasn’t turning in the right direction. The freighter altered course again, presenting her starboard side to the onrushing destroyer. The Wayne was a deadly arrow, aimed at the heart of the ship ahead.

“Sound collision alarm,” Carpenter said. “All stop.”

“All stop, aye,” the helmsman said. “Sir, no response.”

The deck thrummed as the engines went to flank speed. A harsh klaxon began blaring throughout the ship. Carpenter watched helplessly as the Wayne bore down on the luckless freighter. Now he could make out the name painted on her side.

Happy Nation.

The destroyer struck the Happy Nation at maximum speed, slicing into her like a knife cutting through cheese. The agonized sound of tortured metal ripping apart was the last thing Carpenter heard before he was thrown down and knocked unconscious.

Twelve minutes later, the freighter slipped stern first beneath the surface of the sea. The USS Wayne was down by the bow and listing to starboard.

It had begun.

About the Author:

Alex Lukeman writes action/adventure thrillers featuring a covert intelligence unit called the PROJECT and is the author of the award-winning Amazon best seller, The Tesla Secret. Alex is a former Marine and psychotherapist and uses his experience of the military and human nature to inform his work. He likes riding old, fast motorcycles and playing guitar, usually not at the same time. You can email him at He loves hearing from readers and promises he will get back to you.

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