The Legend of Crying Girl Creek Book Cover The Legend of Crying Girl Creek
Robena Grant
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
February 13, 2019

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The Legend of Crying Girl Creek By Robena Grant

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Adventurous American nurse Samantha Winters is on a study abroad program in Australia. But after one perfect night with a handsome stranger, she finds herself with child. Intrigued with an elderly patient’s tales of a local creek where pregnant women drown themselves, Sam agrees to help end the curse.

Historian James Campbell keeps a vigilant watch on his family’s haunted land, hoping to prevent more deaths. A loner in his personal life, he’s stunned to discover his grandmother’s nurse is the one woman he can’t forget.

Sam is a believer. James is a skeptic. With the legend’s anniversary looming closer, the two work together to solve the mystery of Crying Girl Creek. Amid the tangles of secrets and lies Sam has a secret of her own: James is the father of her baby. And he doesn’t want children.


Why is Em embarrassed? Did she really believe in this spirit? Curiosity nibbled at the edges of Sam’s mind. She fingered her crystal necklace. Crystal was said to pull in positive energy and deflect negative energy. She was open to the possibility of magical powers and had the books as proof. But to ask a spirit that haunted a creek a question about her pregnancy?

“Soooo, is this an old wives’ tale?”

“No.” Emma shook her head. “There’s a legend, and a curse. I don’t remember all the details, but there’s good and bad stuff. Women have died after going out there.”

“Oh?” Sam whispered. “Have you…have you been there?”

Em shook her head again and seemed to laugh it off. “Don’t mind me. It’s probably rubbish. Netta May Byrne is in your study on memory. The ninety-three- year-old. She knows the whole story. If you get on her good side, she might tell you.”

“I adore Netta.”

“She’s a feisty old thing.”

The first waves of dizziness and nausea had died down. Sam held the crystal to the window, catching a sunbeam and creating a rainbow of color on the wall. Thoughts of an energy force to help her decide, intrigued her. It couldn’t be real, could it? A haunted creek, a ghost that helped, or harmed, pregnant women?

About the Author:

Born in Australia, Robena Grant moved to the U.S. in her early twenties. She lives in California, has two adult children, loves to travel, and often incorporates discoveries from her travels into her books. Karaoke, chocolate, wine, and coffee, are her secret vices. She has been known to talk too much, laugh too loud, and cry in sappy movies. Her Desert Heat series, published by The Wild Rose Press in 2013, includes: Unlock the Truth, The Blue Dolphin, and her 2012 Golden Heart finalist book, Desert Exposure. Her recent release: One Safe Place, is a nominee for the 2017 RONE Award.

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