The Rookie Book Cover The Rookie
Fire's Edge Book 3
Abigail Owen
dark/long paranormal romance
Entangled: Amara
April 22, 2019

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The Rookie (Fire’s Edge Book 3) By Abigail Owen

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Book blurb:

To escape exile, Aidan Paytah has had to prove himself worthy. Every second of every damn day. He fought with everything he had to earn his precarious place on the Huracán team of dragon shifter enforcers. He can’t fail or afford distractions, no matter how temptingly sweet. Total loyalty to the clans and dedication to his team is the only way.

Sera Morrison lost her parents and her husband in short order, leaving her a single mother running her family winery alone. Nothing could ever have prepared her for the discovery that she’s a destined dragon mate. But once she finds out, there’s only one man she wants—the one who walks away.

However, the Alliance Council has its own agenda. They want to use her as a political pawn and force a mating that could ultimately kill her to save the High King. Aidan has no choice but to kidnap her, even if it means their close proximity reinforces their own mating bond. And mating with him could end up being a far worse fate for Sera…


His broad shoulders shifted, his expression easing. “My place on the team is official.”

As she blinked up at him in shock, a tentative grin slipped across his face. That smile hit her like the coyote had just dropped a bunch of Acme bricks over her head. Real life Aidan never smiled at her this way, and she wasn’t prepared for the impact.

Everything in her responded, unable to hold back.

“That’s fantastic! No one deserves it more.” He’d been working twice as hard as every other man on the team, except maybe Finn. He’d earned this.

And part of her understood that he wanted it on some basic level that drove him.

On impulse, because dammit she was a hugger, she stepped into him and wrapped her arms around his waist. For a split second, she thought he might return the hug. Instead he held himself stiffly until she let go.

Disappointment weighed down her heart as they stared at each other. Sera shifted awkwardly on her feet. If wanting could be a physical presence, she’d be drowning in it about now. Couldn’t he feel it too?

“I’d…better go,” Aidan murmured.

Sera contained her sigh with difficulty. Things couldn’t go on like this…she couldn’t go on like this much longer, that was for dang sure.

Needing to look away from his disgruntled expression before she was tempted to see what his reaction would be to something more outrageous than a hug, Sera lifted her gaze over his shoulder.

She paused, then frowned, not processing what she was seeing as she caught an orange glimmer of light in one of the upstairs windows of her house. Since Delaney had moved out, leaving to live with Finn at the Huracán’s headquarters, no one had been in there. So why was a light—

The glow flickered, dancing in and out of the darkness behind the window. Cold dread clamped icy claws on every muscle in her body. That wasn’t a lamp, that was fire.

No.” The word punched from her.


Sera took off at a dead sprint, and even that wasn’t fast enough. A tendril of smoke eased out of the open doorway on the second level and horror reached inside and snatched her heart out by the roots. Blake was in his bed on the first floor.

Please let Titus still be in there.

Before she could burst inside her house a strong arm wrapped around her middle slamming her momentum to a stop and lifting her into the air, her legs kicking out in front of her.

Sera went berserk, thrashing and fighting to get to her child. “Blake!”

A low grunt sounded in her ear as she landed an elbow in her struggle to be free, and another arm wrapped around her. “Shhhhh,” Aidan whispered.

The loose door to her apartment swung open on a gust and the flames in the window upstairs grew brighter. She struggled harder. “Let me go!”

“The guys are on it.”

Out of nowhere, and almost too fast for her to track, all the other members of the team appeared. Four sprinted up the stairs to the empty second story apartment where the flames now flickered in the window, while she caught a glimpse of Levi and Drake as they went into hers—more cautiously than Sera would have, but still faster than she could move, regardless.

She held her breath, hardly aware of Aidan’s steady presence at her back as he held her. Her entire life, the most important thing in her world, was in that burning building.

“Where are they?” she whimpered, straining against Aidan’s grip. The apartment was tiny. It shouldn’t be taking this long—

About the Author:

Award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

Abigail also writes award-winning contemporary romance under the pen name Kadie Scott. (

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