Three Months to Change Book Cover Three Months to Change
Dinah Roseberry
Paranormal romance
Visionary Living
October 2, 2018

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Three Months to Change – Dinah Roseberry

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Book Blurb:

Lenora was changing—not in any frightening way. At least, not at first. There was the intense ability to shield herself from abuse that was very empowering. But her other senses had become heightened as well, and that’s when she’d begun seeing scenes from the past and smoky dark mists in her home. Meeting Frankie had been a wonderful treat—there weren’t many men who could stir her emotions as he was prone to do. Still, there was something strange about him, something haunting, something she couldn’t put her finger on. Ah, well, desirable men with the air of mystery were compelling and fun. Weren’t they? And what about Rex? She wasn’t sure. He was part of a fearsome family, making her wonder if such tales of werewolves and monsters were true. Just how did she fit into this strange new world? And why would she even want to? All she kept hearing, however, was that there were only a precious three months before a full change. Time was awastin’.


Now he was looking around the room uncomfortably, his gaze falling on the wooden door to her basement.

“What?” she asked, trying to jar his thought.

“Is that your basement?” he asked, seemingly trying to be casual.

“Yup,” she said, and then raised her eyebrows. “Why?”

“You should probably leave the door closed from now on.” His voice was flat and he kept looking at the door.

“Why?” Lenora asked with a frown.

“Uhmm, well, Doll—”

“You did not just call me Doll again.” Now it was her turn to have a flat tone.

“I’m truly sorry. I have such habits, don’t I?”

Lenora shrugged. “So, what’s with the basement?”

“Well,” he began and then faltered before recovering to say, “The cat may need to go down there—you will need to fix up a litter box for him. And you don’t want him dragging litter on his feet into your living room.”

Lenora’s eyes narrowed. He’d not been thinking about her basement for cat duties. There was something else he wasn’t telling her. But what did any of this have to do with her basement? “Would you like to see the basement?” she asked.

He suddenly stood and looked directly at her, but it had been difficult for him to look away from the basement door. “N-no,” he stammered. “That won’t be necessary; I definitely do not want to see your basement.” Then he seemed to catch her reaction, and changed his frown to a smile. “Basements are much too creepy for me.” He laughed and then cleared his throat. “You’ll want to keep the door closed, though …because of the cat. I have to go now.”

With that, he quickly headed for the front door and then turned to smile at Lenora. She pulled open the door for him and he walked out.

Lenora stood watching him as he left. “That was strange,” she began, and then looked at Rex who was lounging on her sofa taking up two cushions. “What do you think of him, Rex? Quite cute, yes?”

Rex jumped off the couch and, as if to ignore her, ran to the basement door.

“Whoa, Nelly,” said Lenora. “There’s no litter box down there yet! I think the last people left some of that stuff in the hall cupboard to use for icy sidewalks.”

But the cat was having none of the wait. He meowed at the basement door.

“What is it about this basement? There’s nothing there but storage and my washer/dryer, and I don’t want you hiding there. I’ve got other things to think about right now.”

Rex pawed at the door and uttered low grumbling sounds.

“All right, already,” Lenora said in exasperation. She pulled open the door.

But Rex did not go down the steps to the lower level. He merely peered down them, moving his head and body so that he could see as far as possible without stepping down the first step. Lenora, surprised at this behavior, also looked down the stairs. She reached out and flipped on the light switch just inside the basement door.

Just before—a millisecond before—the light beaconed the stairwell, she thought she saw a white mist.

About the Author:

Dinah Roseberry has been an author of both nonfiction and fiction in the paranormal field for over thirty years. She is a paranormal investigator, certified hypnotist for past-life regression and alien abduction and has studied and taught animal communications. A Tarot card and oracle reader for over twenty years, she has also created card decks and guidebooks that reflect her paranormal and mind/body/spirit interests. Visit her website for more information about her titles and events:

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