Whole-Hearted Book Cover Whole-Hearted
Malsum Pass Series Book 5
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Romance / Paranormal Suspense
November 21, 2017

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Whole-Hearted by Kimberly Forrest

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Book blurb: 

An engagement party in New York City? Constance Tully can’t wait! Not only will she be celebrating the happiness of one of her best friends, but it will also get her out of Malsum Pass just in time to avoid witnessing Jacob Pierce choose a mate from one of the hand-picked females his mother has invited from her former pack.

It should have been a night of merriment, champagne, and dancing. What Connie hadn’t counted on was being surrounded by fur traders: the boogeymen of the shifter world who abduct females for the sole purpose of breeding and then selling the young to the highest bidder.

Jacob Pierce has been in love with Connie since childhood, so when he learns that she has been abducted by the enemy, he doesn’t hesitate to join the team of hunters in New York. Will they find her before she is lost to them forever? Will he ever get the chance to tell her that she is the only female for him?


Two days later, Connie knew that something was very wrong. She was constantly tired and weak. Her nose wasn’t working correctly and she couldn’t even manage a simple shift of her eyes. They had to be drugging her, using the pepper on her food to disguise the scent, she was sure.

Stripping off her clothes, she concentrated on shifting. Something that had always come so naturally that she barely had to think about it normally. Nothing. A lump formed in her throat and frustrated tears prickled behind her eyes. Was this what it felt like to be human? So weak? Gritting her teeth, she tried again. She could feel the panic creeping up her spine. She couldn’t shift. Throwing back her head, she screamed, again and again, as she tried to release her fear, her anger, and her frustration.

There was a pounding at her door and then it opened. She knew subconsciously that the guard was there, but she didn’t actually see him. She just knew that she had to get out of here. She had to get away. She launched herself at him, preparing to bite, kick, scratch, whatever it took. She didn’t even care that she was completely naked. She needed to escape.

Connie felt the impact of her body against his, her knee connecting forcefully to his groin. She felt skin give under the ferocity of her fingernails, tasted blood in her mouth as her teeth sank into the flesh of his neck. She was incapable of hearing the man’s shouts or screams through the roaring in her ears. She wanted to kill. They had abducted her, drugged her, and now they had stolen her wolf from her. She was mindless in her rage, bent on hurting someone, making them pay for the hurt they’d caused her. She barely felt the sting of the needle before her limbs went weak, the red haze of anger replaced with black spots, and darkness engulfed her.

About the author:

I’m a stay at home mom currently living in Virginia though I was born and raised in Vermont.
I love a good romance whether it’s paranormal, historical or contemporary, sci-fi or comedy… Give it to me!!
I’ve always had stories rolling around in my head just clamoring to get out so it wasn’t surprising that I wanted to be a writer. Unfortunately, when I submitted my first work with intent to publish, I received rejection after rejection… it was discouraging. Quite frankly, I had given up on my dream. Luckily, I have the love and support of my family who encouraged me to get back to writing and make it happen.

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