Calling all authors!

Instructions for participating in PRG New and Pre Release Giveaways

PRG would like to help you promote you and your new book. We, at PRG, offer pre-release and new release Rafflecopter giveaways free of charge for our paid author members. Each Rafflecopter giveaway blog post will be open for one week, Sunday to Saturday.

Author responsibilities:

Send an email to Jenn

Subject line: Giveaway promotional blog post for (book title) by (author name)

**All giveaways will be eligible for the US only unless otherwise stated by the author**

Provide the following in your email:

Book cover

Book meta data


Series (include book #)

Author Name



Release Date

Approximate number of pages

Book blurb

Excerpt – no more than 1,000 words – (Please keep the excerpts PG)

Provide three dates you want your giveaway to start (Giveaways run for one week-Sunday through Saturday-and are subject to available openings. We will do our best to only run one giveaway a week. Sometimes demand is high and we may have to run more than one  giveaway at a time. Giveaway dates will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.)

First Choice Date: Sunday, ________

Second Choice Date: Sunday, ________

Third Choice Date: Sunday, ________

What is the prize and number of winners? (i.e. digital copy/print copy/swag/a combination)

Include breakdown for multiple winners:

               Winner #1 to receive:

               Winner #2 to receive:

               Winner #2 to receive:


All entrants must comment on the giveaway. Once they do, the Rafflecopter opens additional ways for entries. We can have them follow you on your social media pages, follow your Amazon Author Page, add your book to their Goodreads TBR, and sign up for your website newsletters.

Please provide a question you’d like viewers to comment on:

Please provide any of the following for additional entries on the Rafflecopter:

Amazon Author Page URL

Twitter URL

Facebook URL

Author Goodreads page URL

Book Listing on Goodreads URL

Link to receive website newsletters or blog post notices


You will receive a confirmation email at the time your giveaway is accepted.

PRG will publish the giveaway on their blog.

Rafflecopter will select random winners and PRG will notify you once the giveaway has concluded.

During the run and immediately after the close of the giveaway, authors will be responsible for:

Answering all comments in a timely manner

Notifying the winner(s) within one week of closing giveaway

Sending prizes out within one week of closing giveaway

Send confirmation to PRG that the prizes have been sent and the giveaway is completed. (

**In the event the author does NOT follow up with any of these guidelines, the author’s member status with PRG may be cancelled on the spot.

PRG will tweet and share your giveaway to our viewers on Twitter and Facebook. We will also add a quick link to the current giveaways on the PRG Home page for higher visibility. To ensure a better turnout you must take the time to share this information on social media.

You MUST be a paid PRG author member to be eligible for sponsoring a Pre-Release or New Release giveaway. If you are not a paid author member, you can sign up on the PRG webiste:

We want all of your hard work to be successful and hope you take advantage of this free promotional opportunity we offer to all of our proud author members.